Monday, December 15, 2008

a good doctor.

the thought of blogging about this has been on my mind for quite sometime now, but i just couldn't find the right moment, and as always, nowhere to begin.

2 weeks back, when all over the world were talking about the terrorist attack in mumbai, neela and i were happily bunking our forensic medicine class for a lunch at the ice spice.

finished the lunch, we realised that the class hasn't yet dismissed, so melepak la kitorang kat luar lecture hall sebab semua beg bagai still dalam lecture hall tu.

to kill the time, neela bought a local newspaper and so we browsed through and all la kan. which we rarely do lah. especially me. i always have very hard time reading newspapers.

buttt, i came across this one article that results lingering in my mind for quite sometime lah.

berita tu macam ni.

kan the attack tu took place at one big hotel, railway station, a cafe and a hospital kan. so this particular article ni was telling a story of a victim from the hospital attack.

this pregnant lady was about to deliver her baby when the cilakak terrorist came into the hospital building and started shooting people to death. and the labour room was somewhere in the upper floor of the hospital, whereas the shooting was on the ground floor.

as the shooting began, the baby's head emerged.yeah, emerged as if u could see the baby's head at the vaginal opening. hearing the unstopped gunshot and people screaming everywhere, the doctors in-charged, OBGYN i supposed, knew that something was not right down there.

but at the very same moment,the lady was very ready to deliver her baby and the doctor knew that the lady would be screaming and all, and of course later the baby mestilah cry jugak kan. that would make a perfect combination to call the terrorist upstairs la kan.

so what the doctors did was, they made the lady to sleep by giving her sedatives and administered her with some drugs to stall the labour, and the doctor actually pushed the baby's head back into the uterus. i was like.. wooo, boleh rupenye macam tu.

and they switched off the power in the labour room, and pushed few tables and chairs to the door, and lied on the floor quietly while waiting for everything to calm. having done that, they actually berjaya tipu penjahat2 tu sume because they thought that the labour room was just some unused store room.

an hour later, a security guard came in saying everything is now fine that the terrorists were gone and so many people were shot dead.

then only the doctors turned off the lady from the sedatives and 2 hours later she finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

kesimpulan dia, disebabkan oleh the doctor's rational thinking, the lady and her baby were safe, and how many more people including nurses and midwives are still breathing and alive skarang ni.

ok tak best pun cerita tu, lantak lah sebab memang i tak pandai nak cerita2 ni. kalau nak best beli sendiri times of india la.

the point is, macam ni. dah baca cerita pasal tu kan, neela and i pun borak2 la. what if the same thing happens to us *nauzubillah* mase kite dah kerja nanti. will i be able to think rationally and do the same thing as that doctor did? ntah2 dengar bunyi gunshot i dah pengsan tergolek tak pun dah terkencing dah kat situ. or will i still be thinking of my patient masa tu or sibuk nak selamatkan diri sendiri?

hurm macam mana tu kawan2 sekalian?

i want to be a good doctor someday, insya Allah. tapi i kalut. gelabah. kalau jadi macam tu, taktau la nak buat ape kan. insya Allah takde kot orang gi attack hospital kat malaysia nanti kan.

back to the point, i want to be a good doctor, in fact, a VERY good one. the one yang macam doctor tadi tu, whom the patient would remember sampai mati, to that lady, the doctor was her hero. die yang cakap sendiri dalam paper tu. macam tu la cita2 saya. nak jadi macam tu.

tapi saya malas baca buku. ni pun skrang patut study but i prefer to write this boring story rather than hafal all the viruses and fungi. will i make a good doctor someday?

but i once came across this one blog of a doctor, an actual doctor, bukan nye student yang tak lepas lagi macam saya ni.

dia kata macam ni la lebih kurang.

being a medical student, the more we read, the greater we are. but when u enter the actual field, the number of pages that u read won't count anymore. it's the experience that matters.

sebab tu la orang pesan jangan ponteng clinical posting. especially the exams. practical exams. sebab masa tu la kita nak train our clinical skills, and during the exam lah we can actually assess our skill level. macam saya, hari tu masa orthopaedics punye practical exam, during the viva, Dr Alex seemed very impressed with my answers, " good, u answered very well," he said.berbunga2 je rasa masa tu. tapi bila keluar result, 9/20. failed haha. so to muhasabah diri, i personally think, in the eyes of a surgeon, in fact Dr Alex is the chief of the hospital, there maybe a lot more things i have to improve.

hurm macam takde kaitan je sume benda.

takpe lah. kesimpulan dia, doakan saya become a well-trained and skillful doctor someday.


IRA said...

gempak gile doc tu! haihhh kite kat hosp pon cam still jakun tgk kehebatan the doctors mengdiagnose and all..everytime cam tanye diri sendiri, leh ke jadi cam diorang ni? n time2 tu gak la mesti berazam nk bace buku bile balik rumah sbb nk jadi hebat cam diorang tp bile smpai rumah.........haha..

am_am_am said...

pergh. gile seyh doctor tu. mmg bleh tolak balik eyh baby masuk. pengetahuan baru neh. kalo aku jd doc kat situ, mesti da siap pengsan sama da. Huu..haru...

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