Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy 2010!

happy new year everyone!

so many ups and downs i have been through in 2009, of which i will not be listing out here, but of all, i am sooooooo happy and proud with our relationship, and insya Allah kalau dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan, we are taking our relationship to the next level in this brand new 2010!

and i am sooooo excited!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


hai guys!

i was not feeling well these few days, i guess this homesick thingy is really making me fall sick hehe.
i had the end-of-posting exam for ophthalmology today, and this will be our last ophthal posting since we're sitting for the final this coming march. lepas tu, so long OPHTHALMOLOGY!

anyway, what brings me to write today is because of what happened to us this afternoon. we were in the middle of our lecture when dr murthi had to interrupt and instructed us to go back home right away, and the bus had already arrived to bring us. he told that there was a riot going on on the road and we're told not to go out today. macam scary je kan. and kitorang yang ada transport sendiri ni dia siap suruh ikut bontot bas la to make sure nothing will happen. takut tak takut tak? tapi kitorang tak ikut bas pun, just jalan ramai2 je and alhamdulillah selamat la sampai rumah.

and along the way from the hospital to my place, kitorang tengok la semua kedai pun tutup. and there were stories saying that some people were throwing stones la into the kedai yang tak tutup tu. even mcdonalds pun tutup and there was a friend of mine kena kurung dalam kedai sebab tak sempat keluar pastu kedai tutup. hihi

so when i reached home, i went to a mobile store nearby to get my hp recharged (kedai kat kawasan rumah kitorang tak tutup sebab rumah kitorang dah kat dalam2 so org2 gila tu tak tau kot). so i tanya la makcik recharge tu, what actually happened kan. to tell u the truthhhhh...

apparently, one of the karnataka "superstar" died today due to heart attack, and they were throwing the riot to pay respect to him. like what the helllllllll?????? pelakon korang mati, korang nak merusuh2 apesal la bodohhhhhhhhhhhh. kau merusuh la lapan belas tahun pun takdenye orang tu nak hidup balik la bangang. can u imagine how stupid these people are? eeee tak boleh nak describe la macam mana amazed nye kitorang dengan kebodohan diorang ni.

korang boleh imagine tak, sebab sorang pelakon mati, semua kerja has to be stalled, semua kedai tutup, i am not sure about the banks and offices. but tak ke benda tu semua merugikan diorang sendiri? patut la tak maju, bangang sangat,

but us, on the other hand, mesti la enjoyyyy kan. dapat balik awal kotttt. dah la i was sleepy like badak sumbu in the class after gobbling sebijik anti histamine, tau2 dr murthi suruh balik sekarang, terus bangun terpacak la kan. huuuiii seronok kot, kalau tiap2 hari ade pelakon diorang mati kan bagusssss.


tu baru karnataka punye superstar, entah super dekat mana la kan berlakon pun pakai kain pelikat tak pakai baju. cuba korang imagine apa akan jadi kalo shah rukh khan mati? setahun kot kitorang cuti. haha

p/s: karnataka is a state of india, in which bangalore belongs to.

Monday, December 28, 2009

aaaaa this is gonna sound mengada2 but i dont care its my blog korang nak baca, baca. taknak baca sudah.... i'm soooo homesick sangat la nak balikkkkk.. its like my otak has been completely blocked by somekind of this feeling pastu takleh nak baca buku pun... aaaaa aaaa aaaaaa... nak nangis je ni.. but i actually got my ticket to go back already haha im just mengada tak sabar nak tunggu tarikh balik je ni. ada 12 hari je lagi woot woot!!


am so homesick wanna go home sooooo badly.... the best deal i could get will cost me around rm1000,pretty cheap isn't it? but i'm gonna have to transit in singapore, then change the airline etc..

should i go back? berbaloi kah?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

the one with no title.

well it seems like everyone is talking about new resolution. i won't be making any since the old resolution pun entah ke mana kan.

butttt, of all, i would really really want to save a lot of moneyyyyy. for what the money is tu belakang kira. u know like when u have a lot of money, everything seems possible kan. yeah yeah i know money won't buy everything la happiness la, but at least it can cure my sadness. hurm entah ape la merepek ni kan.

anyway, i've been very busy lately with ophthalmology presentation and stuffs. and i am trying to get my lazy ass into the study hard mode again tapi mcm impossible je. with the cold weather, it's very hard to stay up late at night and u know me, to get up early in the morning is another impossible thing to do la kan.

and yes, it's almost 2010 and believe it or not, i'm 24 next year! a perfect age to get married don't you think haha dah dah korang jgn nak buat cerita pastu sibuk2 duk tanya kat kelas ok.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

kesian saya.

hello everyone!

i was wide awake at 5am today as i've been sleeping for almost 12 hours. yes, it happens when u don't have to get up for prayers ;p

ah it's only 19th of the month, and i cant barely wait for its end. I AM TOTALLY BROKE! yeah i do have some saving, and i can just borrow it sekejap and nanti bayar balik bila duit masuk, but u know macam tak best je tengok duit saving jadi makin sikit. :(

so many unfortunate things happening around me this month, that explains everything. kena tukar battery kereta la, then the tyre macam flat then i had to replace the tube, then i've started using HL again (wait, that's not an unfortunate event kan hehe)... pastu buat pulak hari tu masa duit masuk the USD rate went down, so duit macam dapat kurang from usual.

and our 3rd internal assessment which i was freaking out of this few weeks have been postponed to february! clap clap. which brings me to another point, nak balik malaysia la macam niiiiii. this means i can go back la this early jan kan. but the ticket was freakingly mahal la pulak. terpaksa tahan je la kan :( unless tiba2 je elaun buku masuk ;p USD 550 you allll! haha kecoh je. macam dapat sejuta je.

tension la macam ni. semua juniors dah balik. tinggal my batch je terhegeh2 kena pergi class. kesian kan kitorang. dah la nak tengok Avatar pastu tiket dah sold out, pastu rasa macam nak tengok New Moon lagi sekali, tapi tiket still mahal lagi, so tunggu la lama2 skit lagi so that the tiket dah murah. tengok, orang dah miskin tau nak tengok wayang pun kena tunggu tiket murah. kesian tak kesian tak?

ok la people, nak makan biskut marie cicah nescafe. kesian kan orang miskin. :(

dear parents, help ur daughter please.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


another 3 weeks left for the third IA. omg omg.

do u think there is any way that i can finish covering ophthalmology, ENT and community medicine in the given time?????

semua chapter pulak tuuu.


mati la mati la.

and btw, im going to watch new moon this friday!!! lame, i know. ahh tak kisah la orang lain dah lama tengok. kata kat india baru keluar. yang penting is i already booked the ticket!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


do u know how it feels when ur past keeps haunting u back?

i do, and it sucks. trust me.

it was a one time mistake, which i regret a lot, and it hits me now and then, to see my loved ones hurt because of it.

to those i love, i wish i could tell u how sorry i am. u know, if i could turn back the time, that mistake will be the only thing i would want to change.

but that was it, things already happened, and i am regretting it till the end of my life, i swear.

i'm still amazed of how stupid i could be, and i should have been more realistic.

to arif and my family, i am so sorry, i really am.

dan saya rasa seperti mahu membunuh orang.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

one minute we're okay, the next minute, we're definitely not.

is this normal?

we better figure this out, because i'm getting tired of it, very tired.


thanks to ibu asri and mama anies, i am kekenyangan macam badak sumbu.

nasi dagang, satay and nasi himpit with kuah kacang, daging bbq, and lontong, with puding laici yg sedap.. ah too heaven la i tell u.

next year raya haji nak paksa abah umi raya kat sini la pulokkkkkkk.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

mesti lembu sedih.

hello everybody.

seems like everyone in malaysia is busy preparing for raya haji. called abah just now and he indeed was on his way to the bank to draw the money nak bayar qurban esok. hehe.. takde kaitan pun but the point is semua orang pun sibuk nak raya kan. :( yet kitorang kat sini ada kelas lagi esok tau. as u know, kat sini kan dia punya calendar islam lambat sehari. so we'll be celebrating it on saturday.

anyhooo.. i did something setuuupid today. not that stupid i think, more of careless kot... hehe... well, pagi tadi i had clinical, so we left to the hospital quite early in the morning, and entah mimpi ape entah, pagi tadi turned out to be sangat berkabus or berjerebu i pun tak tau lah. u know like yang sangat2 tebal tu, i couldnt even see what's on the roadside. so i switched my headlights on.
so i drove... to the hospital... safely... parked my car.. masuk hospital... pergi ward rounds... duk OPD bla bla bla... sampai la pukul 12...

during our lunch break, i was going to the surau to perform my zohor, when rempit and anies told me that i left my headlights on. damn it, it's been 4 damn hours dah kot...

as expected la kan, the battery went dead. adoyaiii...

luckily nadzirah was on her way from the college to the hospital, and i asked for her favour to get me a mechanic to come over.

ok so the mechanic came and repair la ketung ketang ketung ketang, so hidup la kereta saya. pastu dia cakap i have to leave the engine running for at least one hour, or i have to drive for a distance of at least 30km, to get the power recharged. manenye nak drive 30km kan rumah ngan hospital pun dekat cikonet je.

so dapatlah alasan, ala terpaksa la keluar gi tengok wayang macam ni. haha.. so me and neela went to watch the christmas carol tadi, which was sangat tak best langsongggg korang jangan lah tengok.. we didn't even finish watching it...

pastu balik rumah. pastu call abah la cerita semua2 battery kereta kong la ape la mechanic dtg bwk battery la ape sume tu. pastu abah kata, to be safe, i better bring the car to the workshop to make sure that the power is fully recharged, and if it's not, i have to get it recharged. betul ke macam tu? macam tak byk masa la nak gi anta ni..

ok dah cerita pasal kereta.

on the other hand, i am on my mission to save a lottttt of money. i started last month, and proudly to say i managed to save quite ok laaaa kan for me yang memang susah nak jimat ni.
but then, i was thinking on taking herbalife again, sebabbbbb... saya sudah gemuk balik, and i have BIG plan tahun depan which requires me to lose lots of lemak. tapi, masalahnya, bila guna herbalife, nanti duit habis banyak la pulak, but if i tak guna herbalife tak kurus la pulak. ha macam mana tu? macam mana nak kurus and at the same time nak save duit? jangan suruh saya tak makan, memang tak la kan, nak puasa sunat pun termengah2..

ok lah people. good night, selamat hari raya aidil adha ok. jangan makan daging banyak2 tau, red meat contains very high level of cholesterol, no good no good~~~ hehe..


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


elida hanan,
suddenly feel like going home..

of course there'll be no raya haji for me here..

sob sob..

jom kawan2 kita bersemangat kentallllllllll.. bertahan sehingga april!

untuk renungan bersama :)

Hari-hari yang diharamkan berpuasa adalah:

  1. Hari Syak iaitu hari yang apabila ia ragu tarikh sebenar Ramadhan (30 Sya'ban). Ini berdasarkan hadith dari Ammar bin Yasir r.a yang bermaksud :
    " Sesiapa berpuasa pada hari syak, sesungguhnya dia telah menderhaka Abu Al-Kasim (Muhammad) s.a.w."
  2. Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Aidiladha iaitu 1 Syawal dan 10 Zulhijjah. Ini berdasarkan hadith dari Abu Hurairah r.a yang bermaksud :
    " Bahawa Rasullullah s.a.w menegah berpuasa pada dua hari iaitu hari raya fitri dan hari raya adha "
  3. Hari-hari tasyrik iaitu 11, 12 dan 13 Zulhijjah. Ini berdasarkan hadith daripada Imam Muslim dalam sahihnya daripada Nabi s.a.w yang bermaksud :
    " Hari-hari Mina merupakan hari-hari makan dan minum juga hari mengingati Allah s.w.t "
  4. Hari Haid dan Nifas.
  5. Ulama' Mazhab Syafii berpendapat adalah haram berpuasa pada separuh akhir bulan Sya'ban yang mana ada di antaranya hari Syak melainkan mereka yang biasa berpuasa sepanjang tahun atau bagi mereka yang berpuasa pada hari tertentu seperti hari Isnin dan Khamis yang puasanya berkebetulan dengan hari selepas 15 Sya'ban atau puasa nazar yang tertanggung ke atasnya atau puasa qada' atau fardhu ataupun puasa yang bersambung dengan puasa selepas Sya'ban dan puasa sebelumnya walaupun satu hari sebelum 15 hari Sya'ban kerana berdasarkan hadith yang bermaksud :

    " Apabila telah tiba pertengahan bulan Sya'ban, janganlah kamu berpuasa " (Riwayat Ahmad)

    Mazhab Hanbali dan mazhab-mazhab lain tidak berpegang kepada hadith ini kerana ia da'if menurut pendapat Imam Ahmad.

    Sumber : Fiqh Islami wa Adilatuh - Dr. Wahbah Zuhaili
  6. Puasa bagi orang yang bimbangkan dirinya binasa kerana puasa tersebut.

Diantara hari-hari yang disunatkan untuk berpuasa dalam Islam adalah seperti berikut:

  1. Puasa enam iaitu puasa yang dijalankan selama enam hari dalam bulan Syawal. Puasa ini dilakukan sehari selepas 1 Syawal sama ada secara berturut-turut atau tidak.
  2. Puasa awal bulan Zulhijjah dari 1 haribulan hingga 8 haribulan Zulhijjah.
  3. Puasa pada hari Arafah iaitu pada 9 haribulan Zulhijjah.
  4. Puasa pada 9 haribulan Muharram.
  5. Puasa pada Hari Asyura iaitu pada 10 haribulan Muharram.
  6. Puasa dalam bulan Rejab mengikut kemampuan berpuasa.
  7. Puasa dalam bulan Sya'ban kecuali pada hari syak iaitu 30 haribulan Sya'ban.
  8. Puasa pada tiap-tiap hari isnin dan khamis.
  9. Puasa tiga hari pada tiap-tiap hari bulan Qamariah.

just a friendly reminder. especially buat tuan punya blog ni sendiri la kan...hehe..

Monday, November 23, 2009

when we go mereng.

[10:44:27 PM] arif sayven: okei
[10:44:27 PM] arif sayven: jom
[10:44:30 PM] arif sayven: gdnite
[10:44:32 PM] arif sayven: want to call me?
[10:44:36 PM] freaky_slurppy: ok
[10:44:40 PM] freaky_slurppy: dont want
[10:44:46 PM] freaky_slurppy: awk la call
[10:44:51 PM] arif sayven: girl should cal boy,after 12
[10:44:52 PM] freaky_slurppy: br blh gaji kei
[10:44:55 PM] arif sayven: after midnite
[10:45:00 PM] freaky_slurppy: buttt
[10:45:04 PM] arif sayven: sy call time mahal2
[10:45:23 PM] freaky_slurppy: if a guy just got his pay, he should call the girl, despite the time...
[10:45:24 PM] arif sayven: tau2
[10:45:40 PM] arif sayven: his pay is for future
[10:45:45 PM] arif sayven: for the girl herself
[10:45:58 PM] freaky_slurppy: but the girl also dont have the money
[10:46:08 PM] arif sayven: the girl have..but shy2
[10:46:08 PM] freaky_slurppy: she saves a lot for the future as well
[10:46:23 PM] arif sayven: she no need to save a lot
[10:46:28 PM] arif sayven: just small2 one
[10:46:32 PM] freaky_slurppy: the guy only knows to karok
[10:46:50 PM] arif sayven: karok as a reward
[10:47:04 PM] freaky_slurppy: the girl is sooooo good, just stays at home, so the guy should call the girl, as a reward
[10:47:07 PM] arif sayven: for one month full of sweat,working like penguin
[10:47:18 PM] arif sayven: the girl go watch 2012 already
[10:47:28 PM] arif sayven: ugly truth some mroe
[10:47:29 PM] arif sayven: more
[10:47:42 PM] freaky_slurppy: that was long time ago
[10:47:56 PM] arif sayven: still..
[10:47:57 PM] freaky_slurppy: but the guy went to watch pisau cukur also
[10:48:07 PM] arif sayven: the girl always watch movie
[10:48:11 PM] freaky_slurppy: and went karok..twice in fact
[10:48:16 PM] arif sayven: regardless of the time
[10:48:29 PM] arif sayven: twice?since whenn
[10:48:35 PM] arif sayven: how on earthhh
[10:48:36 PM] freaky_slurppy: so does the guy... always go karok.
[10:48:45 PM] arif sayven: no
[10:48:47 PM] freaky_slurppy: regardless the time
[10:48:53 PM] freaky_slurppy: last month once
[10:48:55 PM] arif sayven: karok once per month onli
[10:49:01 PM] freaky_slurppy: and tonight
[10:49:11 PM] freaky_slurppy: same goes to the girl
[10:49:17 PM] freaky_slurppy: movie once a month
[10:49:21 PM] arif sayven: noo
[10:49:28 PM] arif sayven: last month twice
[10:49:34 PM] freaky_slurppy: says who?
[10:49:41 PM] arif sayven: say dr badari
[10:49:59 PM] arif sayven: y laugh?
[10:50:15 PM] freaky_slurppy: apehal tiba2 ada dr badari?
[10:50:22 PM] arif sayven: whyy noootttt
[10:50:23 PM] *** Call ended ***
[10:50:27 PM] arif sayven: he's a friend of mine
[10:50:31 PM] *** Call from arif sayven, duration 00:16. ***
[10:51:00 PM] *** Call from arif sayven, duration 00:15. ***
[10:51:02 PM] freaky_slurppy: ah dr badari is wayyyy cooler than u
[10:51:17 PM] arif sayven: up up to him
[10:51:20 PM] *** Call ended ***
[10:51:20 PM] arif sayven: i hv my own style
[10:51:27 PM] *** Call from arif sayven, duration 00:29. ***
[10:51:42 PM] freaky_slurppy: bakpo putus2 ni
[10:51:47 PM] arif sayven: see. i called u so many times
[10:51:50 PM] arif sayven: u laa
[10:51:54 PM] freaky_slurppy: eleh that dont count la
[10:51:59 PM] *** Call ended ***
[10:52:05 PM] arif sayven: count la
[10:52:08 PM] *** Call from arif sayven, duration 06:09. ***
[10:52:08 PM] freaky_slurppy: ntah2 saje je drop ni....
[10:52:21 PM] arif sayven: 2 skype = 1 phone cal
[10:52:38 PM] freaky_slurppy: ah i called u many times also on skype
[10:52:42 PM] arif sayven: video call some more
[10:52:44 PM] arif sayven: where gottt
[10:52:47 PM] freaky_slurppy: soooooo????
[10:53:05 PM] freaky_slurppy: call meeee laaaaa
[10:53:10 PM] arif sayven: ok, i will sing a song for u
[10:53:14 PM] arif sayven: as compensation
[10:53:19 PM] freaky_slurppy: i dont want a song
[10:53:31 PM] freaky_slurppy: i want moneyyyyyyyy
[10:53:33 PM] arif sayven: then what u want?
[10:53:37 PM] freaky_slurppy: show me the moneyyyyy
[10:54:00 PM] arif sayven: yea..i give betis u want thigh
[10:54:17 PM] arif sayven: u want money
[10:54:17 PM] freaky_slurppy: betis ngn thigh tk sama ko?
[10:54:25 PM] arif sayven: i dono
[10:54:29 PM] arif sayven: im just saying
[10:54:34 PM] arif sayven: u want money?
[10:54:36 PM] arif sayven: dance for me
[10:54:43 PM] arif sayven: like what i did just now
[10:54:44 PM] arif sayven: hahaha
[10:54:49 PM] freaky_slurppy: grossssss
[10:54:54 PM] arif sayven: no la
[10:55:02 PM] arif sayven: it's sweet..isnt it?
[10:55:09 PM] freaky_slurppy: nk publish kt blog la
[10:55:09 PM] arif sayven: cute
[10:55:18 PM] arif sayven: says who?
[10:56:14 PM] freaky_slurppy: what says who?
[10:56:32 PM] arif sayven: u look so skinny
[10:56:50 PM] freaky_slurppy: yeahhhh i know
[10:56:55 PM] arif sayven: ok cal me
[10:56:57 PM] arif sayven: gdnite
[10:56:59 PM] freaky_slurppy: jogged yesterday n today puasa
[10:57:02 PM] freaky_slurppy: cettttttttt
[10:57:17 PM] arif sayven: no laaa
[10:57:25 PM] arif sayven: okk2.. i knoww
[10:57:33 PM] arif sayven: skinny a bit la
[10:57:45 PM] arif sayven: sokka2
[10:57:57 PM] freaky_slurppy: so u should call me... reward for getting skinnier
[10:58:01 PM] arif sayven: lets go to bedd...130 oredi
[10:58:08 PM] arif sayven: ok, call me pls..
[10:58:12 PM] arif sayven: i mish u..
[10:58:14 PM] freaky_slurppy: ok u go first
[10:58:18 PM] freaky_slurppy: hehehehe
[10:58:20 PM] *** Call ended ***
[10:58:20 PM] arif sayven: badly....................
[10:58:25 PM] freaky_slurppy: taknokkkkkkkkk
[10:58:27 PM] *** Call to arif sayven, duration 00:16. ***
[10:58:29 PM] arif sayven: pls...
[10:58:36 PM] freaky_slurppy: taknokk taknokkk
[10:58:37 PM] arif sayven: i miss u.....
[10:58:49 PM] arif sayven: :(
[10:58:50 PM] freaky_slurppy: lagi lagi?
[10:58:55 PM] *** Call ended ***
[10:58:57 PM] arif sayven: i miss u like....
[10:59:07 PM] arif sayven: like u never ever dream of it
[10:59:23 PM] freaky_slurppy: takdok idea dh la tu
[10:59:27 PM] freaky_slurppy: tunggu jap
[10:59:32 PM] freaky_slurppy: jap g sy call lah
[10:59:39 PM] arif sayven: ok, dont be late
[10:59:42 PM] freaky_slurppy: eh eh
[10:59:45 PM] arif sayven: i might fall asleep
[10:59:50 PM] freaky_slurppy: dah la suruh org call
[11:00:01 PM] arif sayven: gdnite
[11:00:03 PM] arif sayven: bye
[11:00:04 PM] arif sayven: love u
[11:00:05 PM] freaky_slurppy: then i'll wait for u to fall asleep first
[11:00:09 PM] arif sayven: :(
[11:00:10 PM] freaky_slurppy: hehe
[11:00:11 PM] arif sayven: bye
[11:00:12 PM] freaky_slurppy: ok2

Friday, November 20, 2009

lembab macam siput sedut.

meh sini nak cerita sikit.

kalau korang nak tau, twilight baru start showing kot kat sini. yes, twilight, bukannye nye new moon. twilight ye kawan2. after more than a year. ape punye lembab la tak tau nak kata apa.

but they say, new moon will be released soon, maybe somewhere in early december, marilah kita berdoa, semoga early december ini dia punya show, bukan early december tahun depan.

tu la hari tu kan, masa twilight being released, dia keluar lebih kurang serentak dengan slum dog millionaire kan, pastu buatnye pulak cerita tu menang byk gila awards kan, amik kau, stengah tahun dia duk show cerita tu kat wayang, habis cerita lain dia tak show. ngoi punye kellssss.

speaking of keling2 ni, i went to watch 2012 last monday with the girls. sape yang dah tgk crita ni mesti tau kan, kan dalam cerita tu ckp, actually the indian scientist was the one who discovered about the end of the world tu kan, but then in the end he wasn't even been picked up to board the ship tu kan. pastu boleh la pulak keling2 dalam panggung tu bangga la kan, konon hebat la tu diorang, scientist diorang yg discovered that thing, boleh pulak diorang duk bersorak2 dalam tu, sambil buat bunyi pheewit2 mcm mat rempit mengorat tu.

DUHHHH~~ tu cerita je kot bangang. rasa nak je gi cepuk sorang2 atas dahi, orang nak tgk cerita pun tak senang duk bersorak2 macam ape. nak bising2 gi tgk cerita atas padang la.

tu cerita dia masa tgk 2012.

hari tu, mase nak tgk cerita ape eh dah lupa, the proposal kot, kitorang dah masuk awal2 lagi, mase before start iklan tu lagi, pastu biasa la, keling ni kan memang bodoh bangang tahap superb punye ni kan, ade sorang pompuan ni, dia lalu in front of me, to get to her seat, pastu my popcorn was on my lap, pastu dia boleh langgar my popcorn tub tu dengan beg die yang dia seret nak sampai lutut tu, pastu habis tumpah satu tub popcorn tu atas lantai, pastu boleh tak die tgk, pastu cakap ooppps, pastu blah... so i went like, " EXCUSE MEEEEE!" ...pastu dia pandang2, pastu ckp2 ngn kwn dia, then i saw she went out, so i thought ok dia nak gi beli nak ganti la kan, tunggu punya tunggu, cerita pun start la kan, pastu dia pun masuk, amboi kauuuuu... gi beli popcorn utk diri sendiri rupanya. ahhh rasa cam nak tendang je sekor2 keling dalam tu. to make it worst, her seat wasn't actually in my row, dia punya seat kat row depan mine, so what the hell kepala hotak kau pegi masuk row aku, kau tumpahkan pop corn aku, padahal kau punye seat kat depan? tak ke rasa nak sumpah je sekor2 jadi tikus mondok?

hurm. tu satu hal. ade lagi. jap nak pk.

pastu yang jenis masuk2 je panggung main duduk je kat seat orang lain tak pyh cakap la kan, takleh masuk lambat skit je, mesti dah ada orang duduk, bodoh la tak tgk ke kat tiket kau tu seat kat mana, orang masa beli tiket tu pun dah tengok kan seat kat mana, dia boleh pulak main duduk je, kalau sorang dua takpe la jugak, ni kau tu dah la datang satu kandang bawak 7 orang, pastu tujuh2 tu la duduk seat orang kan. eeeeee...ntah ape ape la keling ni.

ok la tak baik kutuk keling byk2, saya bukan racist ye. ye bukan semua keling bangang. contohnya doctor2 kitorang kat hospital, tu memang gempak hebat gila tabik spring lah, dah la baik. kan orang ckp consultants kat malaysia are like garang nak mati main tengking2 je nurses ke, interns ke. kat sini tak, nak tgk diorang marah postgrads pun susah. semua cam cool je. kan bagus cam tu.

ok lah takde benda nak buat sbenarnye ni, maka terhasil lah entry ini. sekian terima kasih.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

free ear check-up anyone?

Hi all! so this is what i am up to now!


so many ears, noses and throats to be examined everyday, with lots of penyakit, tonsillitis, otitis media, deviated nasal septum, otomycosis, u name it! and what's great about it is that i think i'm falling in love with ENT!

ke sebab doctor2 dia mcm best, kelakar and cool?

well ariff, don't get upset, this is just a learning process, nothing more, i promise!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

should i be jealous?

no, i think i should not.

i know he loves me. :)

tapi itu adalah annoying ok.

adalah tidak menyukai perasaan itu.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


it is freakingly cold here in bangalore, baru nak start winter la ni.

a purrrrrfect weather to just cuddle in the bed, memang susah la nak study kan. lepas isyak je ngantok, camane ni?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


and owh.. on the other hand.. 3rd internals will be held in early january, and the finals are going to be somewhere in march. meaninggggg, i should start my revision soon, like very very very sooooonnn as in i should have started by now. haishhhh.

saya rasa saya patut ke library setiap sabtu seperti dulu kala.

anyway, in this coming final, i'll be sitting for community medicine, ophthalmology and ENT... memang subjects yang scary yang amat lah.

and just so you know, sekarang ni kalau kitorang go for re-sit, we have to pay for the fee ourselves, mara wont be paying for it anymore, and each paper will cost us thousands of ringgit, depending on what subject. gilo apo baik simpan duit ribu-riban tu buat kawin kan. ok study sekarang.


hah haa.. after almost 2 years.. i finally changed my blog layout... tu pun arif yg tukarkan.. hehe..

so what do u think? gedik? tak comel ke?

what ever pun... this is going to be the layout for the next 2 years! bear with it ok. hehe

Saturday, November 7, 2009


well, i did go to see the dentist, it turned out that my teeth problem is a bit complicated, that i have to arrange an appointment with the orthodentist..


told ya that my teeth are very the berterabur one lah. not the one that regular dentist can solve. haha..hihi

doktor gigi.

dear God, berikanlah saya kekuatan untuk berjumpa dentist selepas exam hari ini.

urh i hate u dentist.

Friday, October 30, 2009

bila dah perasan.

orang ni.. susah kalau dah perasan..
tengok muka sendiri pun... nampak cantik...handsome je...

pastu bila ada 2-3 org layan dia... mula lah ingat semua org kat dunia ni suka dia..

pastu bila the truth revealed..yang orang ni sebenarnye menyampah geli geleman tengok dia yang perasan tu... mula lah melenting... kutuk orang balik...

orang lain ni.. tak kisah pun dikutuk... sebab orang lain... tak perasan macam dia...

pastu... bila dah perasan ni.... susah la... dalam dunia ni... dia je yang pandai.. hurm... dpt distinction ke hari tu? dah suka2 hati panggil orang lain bodoh kan?

susah la... bila dah perasan...

takleh terima kenyataan yang ada orang geli dengan dia... GELI ok.... yang tahap macam nak muntah bila tgk gambar dia tu terus tekan 'X' menyesal aku tgk gambar kau sure jadi nightmare...

tu la... susah...

bak kata abah... orang ni.. baik kena tindih ngan kayu balak daripada tindih ngan perasan! tak paham sudey.

Monday, October 19, 2009

stop and think.

ah ade lagi.

just a quckie.

i just read a new entry from an old buddy of mine, when i was in sains pasir puteh, ilani.

and after sooooo many years, we finally met again last raya when she came to my house.

ahhh tetiba rindu kawan2 pasir puteh.

read here.

every single word she wrote was true. sometimes i think we tend to be less responsible as we grow older. remember when we were in high school? pmr was a freaking nightmare. need i say more about spm? macam nak mati takut masa tu.

those days, every exam counts. tak kira la ujian ke, exam betul2 ke, mesti nak buat betul2, study macam ape. but look at me now, semua tak heran. end-of-posting exams memang tak heran langsung lah. bila nak final baru la nak freak out, ingat tuhan semua tu.

speaking of ingat tuhan, pun ye jugak. dulu masa kat sekolah rajin je sembahyang hajat, baca quran and all, *tp admit la memang kuat gila ponteng surau esp kat mrsm*... but the point is, ponteng surau pun kat bilik still wat solat hajat, solat jemaah etc.. tapi bila dah habis sekolah, semua tu entah ke mana.

what actually happened?

entah la. like i said, i tend to be less responsible, care-less about these things.

why can't we be like when we're in high school?

a short one.

hey all!!

it's deepavali here, and u know, like our raya in malaysia, diorang kat sini pun main mercun yang tak ingat dunia tu. and mercun kat sini is legal, during festivals of course.

and we have cuti 3 days in a row since saturday, which is heaven u know! haven't had long weekends since april i guess, u can imagine how good it feels kan. bangun pagi tadi dah tak tau nak buat apa dah.

anyhoo, last night me and some friends turun padang main mercun jugak. which was super duper funnnnn!!

tengok vids kat facebook je la eh..

btw, i just can't stop listening to already gone by kelly clarkson.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


if u guys haven't heard, there was a malaysian student killed in a car crash here in india, yesterday.

read here.

and i am now feeling scared more than ever. if u have seen how crazy these indians are on the road, u'll know what i mean.


ya Allah, selamatkanlah hamba-Mu ini dan rakan-rakanku dari sebarang kesusahan, sepanjang kami berada di sini, dan permudahkanlah segala urusan kami. Amin.

and some of my friends are busy helping to send jenazah back to malaysia tonight, god bless them. if such things ever happened to me or my relatives or my friends, i would also want them to do same thing. nauzubillah.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i'm missing all these sorts of fun!

the beggar and the tinted mirror.

hey there.

it's been a while, isn't it.

well, i've been back in india since a week ago. and lot of things happened in this one week.

we finished our surgical posting last friday. which is a big relief. sangat tak suka. actually semua benda pun tak suka, ape je yg suka???


ok nak cerita.

kalau korang nak tau, kat sini adalah sangat2 banyak beggars especially on the roadside, near the traffic lights. u know like when u stop during the red light, diorang akan dtg serbu like lalat hurung sampah tu. especially this one traffic light near my house, which i have to lalu everyday everytime i keluar and nak balik rumah.

and these beggars adalah sangat annoying ok. jenis yang ketuk2 tingkap kereta korang ni and selagi korang tak bagi duit selagi tu dia tak blah. tambah2 lagi dia tengok satu kereta ni penuh ngan foreigners kan, lagi la mengada2. siap ada satu hari tu, i gave the beggar 50paisa which is around 5 sen la kot *haha gila kedekut*, i put the coin on her palm, pastu when she looked at it, dia marah kottttttt. apekahhhh?? aku bagi pun dah cukup baik kotttt.

ok la bukan nye nak kedekut ke ape, tapi i seriously think that orang2 yang mintak sedekah ni actually they're capable of buat kerja. if they can stand the heat throughout the day berdiri je kat traffic light tu tunggu orang stop nak minta sedekah, of course they are more than capable of buat kerja kan? but maybe sebab their country dah sangat ramai penduduk so they end up takde kerja kan. entah la. tapi kalau orang tua yang dah bongkok sabut tu dtg mintak sedekah, of course we do not hesitate to give some money kan. yang i paling menyampah is yang jenis bawak anak kecik, pastu duk tunjuk2 anak dia kat kitorang suruh kitorang kesian.

and last thursday adalah sanagt tak tahan ok.

we stopped at the traffic light, and as usual laaaa dtg la sekandang ni menyerbu my car. most of them were selling toys and stuffs, so tak kisah la.

pastu came this one very young lady, younger than us i think, carrying a baby, around 9-10 months, pastu duk ketuk2 la tingkap belah front passenger seat ni, where neela was sitting. mula2 kitorang taknak bagi la kan. buat bodoh je. sekali dengar la suara budak kecit tu mumbling2 like all babies buat tu kan, tengok2, budak tu duk penyek2 hidung dia kat tingkap kereta, dengan hingus meleleh kat hidung tu, and can u imagine dia punya hingus tu dah melekat2 kat cermin tuu?? arghhhh. and neela cepat2 la keluarkan duit bagi dia, dengan harapan that she'll go away la kan.

tapi eh eh perempuan ni memang tak reti bahasa betul, dia g ketuk2 tingkap belakang pulak, where fara and yulie were sitting. orang dah bagi tu blah je la kan, nak lebih2 pulak. pastu kitorang buat tak layan lagi la kan, sekali budak kecit tadi tu buat lagi teruk. dia duk lekat2 muka dia kat cermin tu, ni bukan setakat hingus, ngan air2 liur sekali meleleh2 kat tingkap kereta tu ok. ok nak marah gila nak mati ok. and luckily the light turned green pastu, so kitorang gerak je.

sangat menggelikan ok kalo korang tgk kat tingkap my car tu. yulie kat belakang ni memang dah bunyi uwek uwek dah nak muntah. memang tak boleh tengok la serious nak muntah. and i wasssss very very mad sampai menggigil tangan, nasib baik puasa, rasa nak sumpah seranah je perempuan tuuu.eeeee...

and cuba korang teka sape yang kena basuh tingkap tuu?? me??

hehe. mestilah tak. thank god i actually hire someone to wash my car every morning before i left to class. so the next morning i came down and tengok2 dia dah basuh dah. hehe.

pastuuuu.... since last thursday was the kemuncak of these beggars punya hal, i really determined to tint the mirror. nak yg gelap habis tu so that diorang tak nampak pun kitorang kat dalam ni.

so i sent the car to get it tinted yesterday, and org tu cakap murah je, it costs me Rs750, which is around rm60 je for one car. i asked arif, pastu dia cakap murah la kan dah kat malaysia dia buat pun beratus2 kan.

so yesterday evening i pun pegi la nak amik balik kereta tu, ok memang gelap habis la kalau dari luar memang tak nampak langsung pun orang kat dlm tu kan. ni ala2 kereta bawak perdana menteri ni. cuma kereta je tak class langsung hehe dah la kereta buruk. ok ok. pastu i masuk la dalam kereta tu. aiseh. dia punye tinted ni gelap dari luar, dari dalam pun gelap jugak. hahaha. tapi tak la segelap kat luar tu, tapi still it its dark la dalam kereta tu. paham tak? kiranya kalau i bwk kereta in the daylight pun, dalam kereta tu still gelap ok. siap rasa claustrophobic lagi. haha macam mana tu.

when i was about to reach home, it was almost 7 pm, so kat luar dah gelap la kan. *fyi kat sini pkl 6 macam pkl7 kat msia*... ahh susah la pulak nak drive sebab i cannot see the side mirror clearly. macam mana tu?i can only see the headlight of vehicles je, kalau ade motor ke kete ke tak pasang lampu, memang tak nampak la. so macam mana???

tp i tak selalu sangat keluar malam kan, so tak kisah sgt, tapi i was thinking of scraping it off je, kalau susah2 sangat nanti. arif cakap boleh cabut sendiri je benda tu.

tapi mcm membazir duit je kan. tapi tak de la membazir sgt sbb murah je kan. tapi membazir la jugak sebab kalau tak tu dah boleh jd duit belanja i for one week. tak pun minyak kereta for more than one week la kan. haishhhh.

banyak gile tapi.

ok lah tu je nak cerita sebenarnya.

till then, peeps!


Friday, October 9, 2009

tersilap2. gambar raya.betul2 punye.

owh i just realized that the link that i've put up for my gambar raya is actually a link for one gambar only.

hee hee.

here's the new link. click kat sini ok. kalau nak tengok. taknak tengok takpeeeee~

Friday, October 2, 2009


for some of gambar raya, click here.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


hi everyone!
my house punye streamyx buat hal since raya, that explains the lack of updates etc. urghh.
and i am already in kl, still have another 5 days to ronggeng with arif before leaving to the suckiest place ever.

also have lotssss of raya pics to be uploaded, tapi malas lagi. malas nak resize.

later, peeps!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sikitttttt lagi.

i am sooo very sleepy, yet i have another 2 big chapters of ophthalmology to cover before the exam tomorrow at 8.

please please mataku sayang, stay strong for another 12 hours ok. then i promise u a very long deep sleep.

orang lain dah sibuk nak balik kampung, kitorang kat sini sibuk bergelumang ngan buku tau!! bagus tak kitorang??? bagus kan bagus kan. mara kena kasik naik sikit allowance!

Monday, September 14, 2009

sappy sappy.

i have been missing him a lot lately.

and i bet he didn't know it.


sy syg kamu. u know that rite?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

exam lagi.

hello everyone.

how's puasa?

well. saya sangat lah tak larat di sini. bukan tak larat ngn puasa. tapi ngn exam. frankly speaking, we've been having exams every week since july i guess. serious tak tipu. every week. pastu bukannye test boleh main2 je. ni exams. which means whatever mark we get, it'll be counted for our finals nanti.

we finished our ophthalmology practical internals last week, and then we had international trauma life support course which was held 3 days in a row, which just ended last saturday. dan saya juga sangat yakin yg saya tak lulus course tersebut. tapi takpe la tak sanggup la nak reseat weh bia lah tak dapat certificate ke ape. tak larat weyyy.

and thank god this week takde exam ke ape, tapi next week ade 2nd internal assessment pulak. right before we go back for raya. grrrreattt.

but.. coming to think, after raya ni, i'll be coming as a fourth-year student dah!! alhamdulillah. so far i takde sangkut ape2 lagi walaupun selalu tercungap2 kan. hehe.

dan saya adalah sangat tak sabar untuk balik rayaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

i'm back!

my oh's been ages since my last update isn't it?

nak buat macam mana, there is nothing much to blog about. kang duk cite psl everyday life macam bosan jgk.

and yes, i did go back to malaysia last week. 1 sweet week. nothing much jgk, mcm biasa balik untuk menikmati makanan, mmg makan je keje.

and also managed to restock my food stock. ah bahagia je rasa tgk ada byk makanan be it the junk food, frozen food, canned stuffs etc.

and owh, have i told u that i enjoy fasting here? sebab kat sini tak panas, so mcm tak haus, and the good part is that i didn't eat much during the break-fast. ye la hari tu sempat berbuka 2 hari kat malaysia punya lah melantak tak ingat dunia, cuba imagine kalau sebulan asyik berbuka mcm tu, entah-entah by raya dah jadi mcm mak gajah.

ok lah people. as mentioned, takde benda sgt la nak cerita. till then, mwax!

Monday, August 10, 2009


friends, i'm going back home next week! yessss, the very next week as in next sunday!

pastu raya balik lagiiiiiiiiii.

seronok lah buat bangalore-kl macam kb-kl jer.

bahagia betul.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


when i was in my first year of my study, they said, "hang on, this is the hardest part, just get it done". alhamdulillah, i made it through with not so flying colours.

in my 2nd year, they said, "be tough, coz this is the toughest part, get it over with, then u'll be in ur honeymoon year". alhamdulillah again, i made it through, much better.

hoi ni dah 3rd year nak masuk 4th year dah mane nye honeymoooooonnnnnn yearrrrrrrrrr???


seriously tak tahan

ah tertekan tertekan.

jgn terkejut kalau tiba2 minggu depan ada org balik msia.

tak tahan laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

nak balikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ah bahagia betul!


dengan ini saya sungguh berbesar hati mengumumkan bahawa saya telah berjaya membeli tiket kapalterbang Malaysia Airlines untuk pulang ke malaysia sempena hari raya nanti.

wait wait. that's not the point. mcm la aku sorang je beli.


few minutes after my online purchase was successful, neela tried to book the ticket as well, and u know what was the cheapest price available for the same date, same flight? Rs29000!!! and i got mine for only Rs18851!

yeayyyyyyyyy... ni la org panggil berbelanja dengan bijak. haha takde kaitan.

tp still rasa bahagia, yg penting balik raya you alll!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

acute appendicitis

1 year back i was once suspected to have acute appendicitis, during which the surgeon suggested me to undergo the surgery right away, but i refused. and alhamdulillah the pain subsided after some medications.

and now, i think i'm having the same symptoms. sakitttttttttt~~~

kena balik ke????

or is it just angin???

nauzubillah mintak2 angin je....

Monday, July 13, 2009

tak puas hati betul la.

baru first internal assessment dah masuk 3/4 of the syllabus.

rilek la ade 2 lagi IA kot.

mane sempat nak baca semua. surgical procedure semua tu, dah la tak pernah tengok. macam mana nak ingat.

dah la tadi keluar soalan medical entomology. kata tak habis belajar lagi, mane nak tau pasal anak beranak nyamuk tu semua.

geram betul la.

hehe. dah tau banyak lagi tak baca, bukan nya nak gi study pun. lalalala~~

Friday, July 10, 2009


1. apa perasan sekarang
menyampah dgn exam.

2. saya nak makan
masakan melayu yang sedap dan percuma.

3. saya x suka
exam lah.

4. impian saya
nak kawen.muahahahahaaaa.

5. haiwan yg saya tidak suka
nombor satu: ular, nombor dua: gajah, nombor tiga: buaya.

6. saya harapkan
kitorang dapat cuti raya nanti.

7. jika boleh diputarkan masa
saya nak belajar kat malaysia jer, patutnye tak pyh keluar pun matrics dulu.

8. saya pada 10 thn akan datang
saya dah kawen dah ade anak yg chomel dah.

9. hp saya adalah

10. saya pernah bercinta sebanyak
banyak sungguh.

11. saya suka pada
arif saya.

12. kawan2 saya
semua pergi kelas, saya je duk rumah konon nak baca buku pastu duk update blog kan. bagus sungguh.

13. pernah dikhianati
ade la beberapa kali.

14. apa yang hendak dilakukan terhadap org yg mengkhianati anda
takpe tuhan sendiri balas nanti.

15. senaraikan 8 orang untuk di tag
buatlah sape nak buat.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

saya nak saya nak..

saya nakkk...

1.kurussssss. tolongggg....
2.belajar rajin2... exam adalah next week. helppppppp~~
3.tengok transformers. korang, esok transformers keluar tau. tapi tak tauu bileee nak tengokkk~~ tapi takde duitttttt.
5.balik mesia. saya adalah homesickkkkkkkkkk... benci laaaaa..

ok tu jer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

ice age 3.

jiran sebelah rumah saya ni wat doa selamat agaknye. bising nak mamposssssss. korang kalau nak tau, keling ni kalau diorang semayang ke ape ke, macam2 bunyi keluar. kejap mcm orang menyanyi, kejap macam orang menangis melalak melolong..

i skipped my community medicine class today since neela is having a high fever with cough and all, just in case she finally agrees to see a doctor, boleh la i bwk dia.

terpaksa la tahan je telinga sampai keling2 ni habis semayang dia.

btw, sape dah tengok ice age 3? saya dahhhhh. weiii korang kena gi tengokkkkkk. kelakar gila horror lahh. saya paling suka part ni, "talk to the trunkkk"... hahaha.. korang mesti tak paham. kena g tengok dulu.. hehe best best..

Saturday, July 4, 2009


ah hampanya tadi keluar nak tengok ice age, sampai2 ticket yang kitorang booked earlier today dah direleased sebab sampai lewat 5 minit je kot. tp sebab it was a fast selling movie kot. sebab tu terus sold out. nak beli ticket for shows on sunday pun dpt seat depan2. ah seat depan2 pun jadi la sebab pasni dah tak de masa nak keluar sebab dah nak exam.

since dah taktau nak buat ape, nak jalan2 kat garuda tu pun dah bosan kot, we decided to go to UB city. makan2 kat sana. and the seronok part is sebab asri was the driver. sedap je la kan cakap nak gi mana. kalau harap i yg drive, bukan kata sampai lambat 5 minit, sejam lepas tu kot baru sampai. hehe.. lepas ni boleh la suruh ko drive lagi. hehe..

arif is going back to kelate tonight for his collegue's wedding. sedihnye. u know since blajar kat india ni, selalu terlepas special occassions. bukan la wedding kwn arif tu. i mean like my classmate's wedding, tunang la ape la.tak best betul la..

ni pun tak sure lagi raya ni boleh balik ke tak. kalau dapat tukar tarikh exam and cuti boleh la balik... taknak laaaa raya kat siniiiii...

ok lah, entry takde motif pun ni. nak tido tapi mata tak ngantuk. sms arif pun tak delivered. entah dalam hutan mana entah tu.

tata people!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

gigi aku.

korang. ni lah gigi aku. memang dia keluar2 tu jadi berlapis2. lintang pukang. sape yang tak penah tengok gigi aku, tengok la. aku tak jumpa la gambar lain yang ade nampak gigi. maybe betul kot orang cakap aku ambik gamba semua nak cover gigi berlapis aku.
kesian gigi aku. dia elok je berjasa kat aku, tak pasal2 kena kutuk.
tapi, bak kata cikgu aku, it's better to be squint than blinded. aku pun macam tu la. baik aku ada gigi berterabur dari rongak.
tak kisah la orang nak kutuk pun. tak kisah la gigi aku ni menyakitkan mata orang tengok pun. tak kisah la gigi aku ni buruk sangat sampai orang tak nak tengok pun still ternampak2 jugak. sorry la kat sape2 yang sakit mata sangat tengok gigi aku buruk sangat. aku mintak maaf banyak2 bagi pihak gigi aku.
okey? peace no war.

gigi elida.

yeayyy!jerit cara slut sikit.

ice age 3 dah keluar kat sini. sape nak join gi tengok, jommmmmmm.

anyway, we had a final futsal match with the junior team just now, and we WON! cayalah korang.

and as usual, i masuk padang at the very last minute la kan. tolong buang masa. hehe.. tu pun atas permintaan hangat paden. haha. good game la korang. yang penting, we had fun, kan?

and owh... we're having the first internal assessment in another 2 weeks. yet banyak gile la pulak movie baru keluar kan. macam mana ni??????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

manusia manusia.

ok kawan2. update! sepanjang pemergian saya menonton terminator, the god's angel has returned with a new comment.

tapi this time i malas nak copy paste, so i just approved it there. sape nak baca, bacalah. i don't care.

just so u know, form 4 is like what, ermmm 7 years back? mannnnn, 7 years!!! grow up and move on la. stucked in the past ke kau ni? ape zaman kanak2 kau ni tak happy ke dah besar2 jadi macam ni?

kenapa nak sakit hati sangat ngan aku ni? ngan GIGI aku pun kau sakit hati ke??

entah la aku tak tau nak cakap macam mana, tapi kau boleh jadi cikgu grammar kot kat sini. sebijik2 salah aku kau carik. nanti betulkan la eh mana2 grammatical error yang ade ni eh. english aku berkarat, tak pandai macam kau.

ok this is the last entry i'm gonna comment about this. u wanno go on with this battle, help urself. u're on ur own. kau meroyan lah sorang2 kau.

tapi kalau kau betul2 berani, datang depan2. cakap ngan aku ape kau tak puas hati. tunjuk sape kau. okay darling? aku kan slut, cakap mesti lah cara slut. ye tak?

ok tataaaa~~

so now i'm a bitch.

hello kawan2. sape yg betul2 kawan saya je baca ni. kalau tak, sila blah. okey?

i just came back from the class, and as usual, turned on my lappy, signed in my facebook and blogspot and all. and look what i came to when i was about to moderate the comments.

"Footprints of an Angel??

Footprints of a BITCH more like it

apathy-of-elida??? causing agony to other people je. Bitch"

dah start pulak dah. hey come on la. nak cari gaduh sangat, cakap depan2 la. if u really have the guts, why restrict me from viewing ur profile? who cares if i'm a bitch? it seems like u care so much. why? sebab aku lagi bitch dari kau? haha. hell yes i'm a bitch, and what are you? god's angel?

ah ko nasib baik sebab aku malas nak layan. enough la wei with bad-mouthing2 ni. korang ni dah akil-baligh ke belum? cuba hidup bermoral sikit. kalau suka orang tu, suka la. kalau tak suka, duk diam2. orang tak kacau kita, kita nak kacau orang kenapa. binatang pun reti bahasa tau tak, kalau kita tak kacau diorang, they will do no harm to us. even stray dogs kat sini pun reti semua tu. ke kau ni lagi keji dari tu? SO PATHETIC.

yes, kau. pathetic.

dah, gi main jauh2. kalau kau tak suka aku, yang beria baca blog aku apehal?

dah, aku nak keluar gi tengok terminator. ko nak ikut bitchhhhhh??

Sunday, June 28, 2009


sports carnival punye gambar click here. malas nak upload banyak2 kali.

seronok kan kawan2? sape tak join pape memang rugiiiiii laaaa..
it was so much fun, even though super junior serious perangai macam budak2 sekolah. nasib baik korang memang budak2.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sports and me.

hurm. it's only 10.15 pm tapi mengantuk tuhan je tahu. tapi nak tunggu kejap je lagi nak tolong harvestkan watermelon arif kat barn buddy. hehe takde keje kan.

anyway, hari ni saya dah berumur 23 tahun 2 hari. somehow being 23 ni makes me depressed je. talked to umi tadi, and umi was asking me about my studies and my answer was as usual la kan.. gitu laa~~biasa2 jerrrr~.. and i 'termengeluh' to her saying that mcm menyesal je buat medic ni, kalau tau dulu baik ambil biotech, kalau tak sekarang ni mesti dah buat master dah. and umi pun started la with her ceramah tu kan, tak baik mengeluh, kena bersyukur tuhan dah bagi tempat ank wat medic yada yada yada.. ermm.. betul la jugak kan.. buat nye tuhan tarik balik semua tu kan..

by the wayyyyy, sape nak tolong mandikan Edward saya? for the last 2 weeks me and neela have been bathing him on our own once a week in the evening, tapi minggu ni macam busy with the training for the upcoming sports carnival, so tak sempat... cepat2... permintaan belated birthday girl niiiiii~hihi...

speaking of sports carnival, our college is holding a sports carnival lah. ade permainan tradisional and moden as well. it started last friday and i played baling selipar.kalah la of course. tapi tang2 jerit bagi kat i. sah menang. even tadi when jen was persuading me to join her cheerleading the futsal team this friday, seti dah threaten me dah kalau cheer tak sekuat i jerit mase main baling selipar hari tu siap la...hahaha...takut dowh orang nak baling selipar kat kite macam sedap je kalau kena kat atas belakang ke, kepala ke, memang weng la kejap.

and i just signed myself up for futsal, sebab diorang tak cukup player. nak jadi substitute kepada substitute hehe... tapi cam syok jugak main futsal..

ok lah thats it. entry takde motif je ni. ayat pun dah cam keling.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

birthday girl no more~~

last night was a blast!
thanks neela, anies, seti, amal, izzah, ain, maba, asri and muhaimin for the great night u threw me. seriously terharu sangat ok.

i'm so blessed to have wonderful friends macam korang ok.

and arif too. u surprised me again. seriously i didn't expect anything from u. when i received a call from a stranger saying that he's on his way to deliver a cake from u, i almost burst into tears. and tengok2 ada bunga sekali. thank u thank u dear.

thank u syg, it's beautiful, as beautiful as our love. hihi.

and owh, a million thanks to aha, tinie, khairun, fara, yulie, ella, husna and achik for the makan2 just now. thanks aha sebab sanggup masak.

after all, this is the most wonderful birthday ever.

thank u god for everything.

p/s : more pics dekat facebook la eh.malas nak upload byk2 kali.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

i am turning 23 tonight.

OMG dah tua. haha.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


ok now i'm seriously hating community medicine. seriously. serious shit benci.

dengan cikgu2 yang ntah ape2, plus a guy in my class *not exactly my class, we're divided into 2 groups and he is in the other group* hari ni buat mulut cam cibai dengan me.. memang la cukup nak bagi i benci gileeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... grrrrrrr..

well, we have a new teacher teaching us commed, i think he's more like a tutor kot, because he's a fresh grad.ok this new teacher is like sangat bersemangat, verrrrry enthusiastic to the extent yang annoying tu. and he sets few rules la in his class, like no answering question in chorus, we have to raise up our hands, we have to speak loudly as in yelling and shouting yada yada yada. but nevermind la that's maybe for our own good la kan because most of us adalah jenis yang takut2 nak jawab soalan padahal tahu jawapan yang betul. he actually makes sense when he asks us to speak up for ourselves. itu boleh diterima lagi.

tapiii..cikgu niii... ntah la.. annoying die like tuhan je tahu. he is young. maybe 2-3 years older than us, so maybe la he feels like he's just treating us like friends, but to us, it's more of treating us like kids. like kindergarten kids, where we have to repeat every single things many2 times, and answer him "yes sir!!!!" in really2 loud voice. tak suke ok. seriously irritating.
and kalau class dengan die, mesti meleret2 and habis lambat. mane orang tak bengang kan.

i think he's been taking my group for the class for 4 times dah rasanya. and macam tak adil la asyik die je yang ambil group kitorang. group satu lagi tu baru berapa kali dia ambil. so boleh imagine la tahap kemeluatan kitorang ngn dia kan.

dia ni jenis yang kalau dia tanya soalan, kita mesti jawab. MUST. even tak tau jawapan pun, tibai je.jawab je. as long as we give him an answer. kalau tak he wont proceed with the class. so in my group, ade la few same people yang akan selalu volunteer to answer even macam humiliating ourselves pun ade sebab jawab salah kan. but that doesn't matter lah, as long as he proceeds and more importantly we just want the class to end kan. and that includes me. i can say here macam i involved a lot la in his class, sebab nak habis cepat kan. like when he asked anybody to come in front and demonstrate the anthropometry ke ape ke, usually me and few girls will do it.

the intention of me volunteering myself was nothing other than just to finish off the class je. that's all. because semua orang tau kot kalau takde orang, nnt he will keep going on and on and on sampai bila pun tak habis.

so today, after taking the class with my group, both the groups gathered, and he was supposed to give the summary of today's class, but as expected he just went digressing and deviating from the topic melalut entah ke laut mana tu kan. takpe la. that was just him. dah dia memang macam tu, we just have to bear with him la kan he's our teacher for god's sake.

so the class finished off a bit late than usual, and semua orang macam bengang la kan. dah la lapar, panas pulak tu. pastu nak gi baptist hospital ade class lagi kan.

semua orang pun duk bebel2 la pastu mase duk jalan2 nak gi kat bus tu kan. and there was this guy from the other group tu, the one that i told earlier, let's name him XX la senang nak crita. he was walking beside me, and biasala i pun tengah bebel2 la jugak kan. and he went on like, "dah kau cakap dah kau tak suka dia, yang kau gi layan sangat dia dalam kelas tu kenapa? yang kau duk jawab soalan2 dia tu kenapa?"

OMG. the way he said it was like i ni saje je nak tergedik2 nak layan cikgu tu, nak jawab soalan2 dia. heyyyy WTH u weren't even in my class, and what the hell la at least aku try nak jawab so that korang jugak yang boleh balik awal. kau cakap belakang berani la. tapi bila cikgu tu tanya sape tak suka dia, aku sorang jugak yang mengaku. kau kat mana? sorok muka sepatah pun taknak cakap pape. boleh blah la. just because kau alim, jgn ingat kitorang pandang kau tu mulia sangat, kalau kau rasa kau tu mulia, takde nye kau nak kata kat orang macam tu.

seriously, sebelum ni aku respect kau. sebab kau alim. like every pendapat kau aku take into consideration, even when people are talking about u pun, i sometimes disagree with them, because aku ingat kau bukan macam yang diorang cakap tu. but it shows that they were actually right, and i was totally wrong. u are definitely not sebaik as i thought u are.

u know, i was sangat2 bengang, sangat2 marah kot. masa drive to the hospital tu rasa nak marah sangat. memang tak tahan la. pastu masuk class cerita kat anis, neela and rempit pun dengan air mata bergenang2 dah sebab tak tahan sangat nak marah.

korang baca ni mesti rasa macam ntah pape je kan. tapi seriously i tak boleh bila orang cakap i tergedik2 macam tu, macam i ni sengaja je nak layan cikgu tu. kalau i memang tergedik2 mase tu takpe. but seriously this time i was just helping the others to end the class je. sebab korang memang tak suka volunteer, i understand that. ape hal aku nak layan cikgu keling weh? tak sampai kegersangan tahap tu.

ok dah la. nak lepas perasaan je ni. nak sambung gi makan baskin robbins tadi saya tapau satu handpack honey nut crunch sedap gile lepas kutip buang kacang satu2.

Monday, June 15, 2009

finger licking good.

why do u have to exist in this world? why oh whyyyyyy?


can't stop munching!!

oh cadburyyyyyy.

salah satu nikmat dunia yang tiada tandingannya.

stock dalam fridge dah makin sikit. sape nak tolong restock??????

mane tak gemuk macam niiiiii...


Friday, June 12, 2009


just some old piccas.



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