Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my meaning of everything.

i love u.
though we fight every other day, though we hurt each other's feeling every now and then,
you are still my one and only, my whole world, my life.

sayang kamu lah. i will never get enough of you. i will never get bored talking to you, though i sometimes still don't get how topics such as 'berak', 'taik', 'korek hidung' can really excite u. but that is just u, and i don't mind talking about it the whole day, because i just love hearing u laugh your heart out.

love yuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

p/s : why this pic? this is the very first pic of him i ever have. still my feveret of all. tp kalau ade muka saya sekali lagi best kot. hehe..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mesin pencetak.

saya sudah ada printer! yeay!

sudah boleh print tiket balik mesia. hihi..

went out after class today. and sempat jgk to sneak a peek on the sales. tibe2 jadi takde nafsu pun nak shopping. chewahh. azam tahun baru kan taknak shopping. bagus kan.

banyak gile kerja sekarang ni. all the records need to be done before the internals, and byk gile kerja tertangguh.

ok lah chow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

entry tanpa penutup.

saya rasa naakkkk sangat keluar.

saya tak keluar langsung for exactly 3 weeks dah. lepas balik hari tu saya tak pernah keluar lagi.

diorang cakap tgh sale sekarang, sale yang macam gila2. tak tau la kan betul ke tak. sebab saya tak keluar.

tp tadi saya keluar kejap, gi makan dengan neela, tu pun makan kat freska dekat ngan kolej je.

tu je jarak paling jauh yang saya telah sampai sejak saya balik dari malaysia hari tu, selain gi clinical kat baptist hospital la, which is jauh skit.

kesian kan.

bukan nye ape. nak sangat keluar, tapi rasa macam takut nanti lepas dah keluar, rasa menyesal. duit konpem2 la habis, tapi yang paling takut ialah rasa macam buang masa. hahaha. tapi betul la. sekarang ni memang appreciate masa betul2 la.

tapi, dalam sehari dua lagi maybe saya akan keluar. sebab saya ingat saya nak beli printer la. rasa jugak macam nak beli baju. tengok lah camana.

hebat tak saya boleh hidup dengan sangap sekali tanpa keluar ke mana2?

hebat kan.

semalam lepas exam clinical, semua orang pun keluar gi bandar. saya sorang je habis practical exam lepas kena basuh habis2an dengan dr.girish, terus naik tut2 balik rumah. sedih pulak tu. macam fail je exam medicine kali ni. tapi memang patut pun, saya tak belajar langsung. saya baca cardiovascular system je, sebab saya tak pandai bab tu. tapi saya dapat patient with respiratory problem. tapi saya tak boleh nak concentrate on clinical subjects sekarang ni. saya lagi takutkan pharmacology, pathology, microbiology dan forensic medicine.

ok bye.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's 1.35 in the morning, i am forcing my eyes to keep opened and trying so hard to memorize all these parasites!

susah nya nak stay up. finished my 2nd cup of thick coffee. and my small bladder couldn't stand more caffeine any longer.


i wish i am an amoeba. i would use my pseudopodia and engulf all the information, keep and process them in my food vesicles, then tomorrow i'll excrete them on the answer sheets. syok kan.

excuse the merapu-ness.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

saya adalah anak gajah yang berperut besar dan sangat suka makan untuk membesarkan lagi perut saya.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

christmas break part III

eh ade lagi crite basi pasal cuti hari tu. ahh tak kesahhh.. yesss yessss i finally got to see mimi, after 2 years ye kawan2.. tu pun lepas kensel, kensel lagi. pastu plan balik, pastu tukar plan lagi. last2 jumpa jgk. tu pun makcik ni janji nak jumpa pukul 12, pastu yours truly ni macam semangat yang terlebih sgt pukul 1130 dah sampai OU, and makcik ni banyaklah cantik pukul 1 baru sampai. hehe. tapi ok jgk la die dtg lambat, i actually managed to get her a pressie for her birthday... tu pun lepas pusing2 keluar masuk keluar masuk semua stores dekat new wing tu sebab tak tau nak beli ape. ha memang sy ada masalah sikit bab2 nak beli hadiah kat orang ni.

apsal sume gambar muka i burukkk?? hehe..

ha yang ni siap tertonggek lagi. ni sebab nak samakan level tinggi dgn mimi. haha.

syamimot, soooo glad that we finally met! ntah bila lagi nak jumpa u. jgn kata lagi 2 tahun. tapi takpe, makcik ni pun suka balik malaysia jgk. in fact die ni lagi gigih, duk london tapi balik malaysia 3 kali setahun. hehe..

sayang kamu!


eh eh. do we really have to boycott all those stuffs yang related to israels ni? betul ke orang kata hukum dia wajib? some people just forwarded messages saying that hukum dia adalah wajib to boycott semua benda ni, betul ke?

sbb mcm byk la jugak barang dia yang saya guna in daily life. for instance, nescafe. this is a must drink. kalau tak, tak hidup la saya malam2. what if, my niat consuming nescafe is not to support israels, but niat dia adalah semata2 sbb nak stay up late so that boleh study. other than that, takde dah niat lain nak tolong israel ke ape. nauzubillah.

so macam mana? what say you?

i think i'm such a bad gf.

enough said.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

freaked out.

Ya Allah, tenangkanlah hati dan tunjukkanlah jalan yang terbaik untuk hambaMu ini..


tibe2 rasa macam nak berblog..

sebab tiba2 teringat pasal clinical pagi tadi. btw, i'm in the medicine posting.

hari ni macam best.

first thing in the morning, we joined the doctors in the audit. audit is like a discussion session which is conducted between the doctors after the death of a patient, where they will open up the patient's file and record, basically to find where could their mistake be, what they should have done and to learn from the mistakes. ni kalau sape2 tengok grey's anatomy, ni macam M&M yang diorang buat after denny duquette mati tu. best kan. though most of the things discussed were not fully understood, tp i loiiikee..

then, we were supposed to join the ward rounds, but dr cherian asked dr girish to show us a patient with a movement disorder, as he said this might be a once in a lifetime experience for us. the patient was a 16 year old male with chorea ( a continous flow of jerky movements, flitting from one limb or part to another ). we were also shown the formation of kayser-fleischer ring at the limbus of his eye, due to the deposition of copper. i've seen the picture once in the ophthalmology class, but seeing it on real patient is a different thing. the boy is actually diagnosed with autosomal recessive hepatolenticular degeneration disease, where there is toxic accumulation of copper in the liver and basal ganglia, causing the movement abnormalities and all.

despite the degeneration of his basal ganglia, his higher mental function is still intact, and he could still comprehense what were told to him.

next, i joined dr cherian doing the round in the private ward. and this particular patient macam kelakar. she was a former patient of dr cherian, and this time she is admitted due to fracture of lower limb. the funny part is, dr cherian told us that during her previous admission, there was a concern from her family that she is very much obsessed with Bush. yes, Bush, as in George Bush. ni bukan obsess yang main2, she put photoes of bush everywhere, she has it in her bible, her books and yang paling tak tahan, she also put them in her clothes, inner clothes, as in undergarments and all. hihi.

so her family thought that she might be needing some psychiatric consultation, but dr cherian decided not to, since she is a 60 year old lady, and this behavioral disorder does not do any harm to others and it is better to just let her be.

and dr cherian pulak boleh buat lawak dgn makcik tu kan.

"i heard u went to the white house, did u manage to see Bush?"

the lady, " oh yes yes, i saw him."

dr cherian, "then u must be very lucky, i went there once, but i didn't see him.... so now there is no more Bush, u should replace all his pictures with Obama's huh."

hahaha. nak gelak kat situ kuat2 tapi takut kena marah.

then, another patient of chronic alcohol dependance. he was so much influenced by the alcohol, orang tanya are u aware of what year is this...dia pikir punya la lama, pastu jawab... "errrr.. two thousand... ninety."


ok tu je patients hari ni yang rasa macam worth mentioning here. yang lain tu worth jugak, tp banyak sangat and quite common, kalau nak tau gi bace buku sendiri.

till then, mwax!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

christmas break part II

Friday, January 9, 2009

ok ok 9 minggu lagi nak exam.

hari ini..

saya telah mendapat kesedaran..

earlier this morning, dr gopinath talked to us about our unseriousness and how we should be focusing more on our study and so on, and somehow this time his words really moved me. maybe it was the way he approached it.

later in the afternoon, dr ramesh gave us another good brainwash, which to my surprise, again i'm moved.

i personally think dulu the teachers when giving advice to us, they were more of merendah2kan kitorang... tapi hari ni semua macam bagi semangat baik punya lah, cakap yang macam confident that we guys can make it through the exams well as long as we strive hard.


still, a lot of things are on my mind now, things about my relationship with arif which is requiring me to do some brave thing but seperti biasa saya adalah penakut, tak tau nak cakap macam mana bla bla bla.. but the earlier i settle it, the better kan, at least kurang satu benda nak pikir. nantilah. in a week or two, i'll try to, ok arif.

tapi tapi kan.. i've purchased my ticket to go back home this april! balik lagiiii!! memang takde keje dah duk kire cuti nak balik je. tp this time around, dah tak naik MAS dah.. me and neela beli ticket tiger airways. haha nama pun dah macam ape. btw it's a singaporean low-cost airline, macam kita punya air-asia la. so nanti kena transit kat singapore and later turun kat lcct. haha. arif kate tak best nanti hantar kat lcct. takpe nanti kite g la amik2 gamba kat klia konon nak board kat klia la pastu g check in kat lcct ok.

reason kenape naik tiger airways ni? sebab dah takde duit. MAS ticket is ridiculously expensive dah kot for me yang balik 3bulan sekali ni. naik tiger murah gile kotttt... total2 sume skali return ticket bangalore-kl plus transit singapore-kl plus upgrade my luggage limit and all.. baru RM1252.31. bapak gile murah. ha jom sume orang naik tiger jom..

ok lah nak sambung study dah. SEMANGAT nihhhh!!

**sebenarnye macam nak upload gambar2 mase balik cuti hari tu. tapi rasa macam buang masa. boleh ke macam tu? taknak buang masa lah katakan.**

Thursday, January 8, 2009

christmas break.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year resolution.

sempena tahun 2009 dan 1430 hijrah ini, saya, elida hanan awang, berazam untuk :

1. menjadi seorang pelajar yang rajin mengulangkaji setiap malam, tidak memonteng kelas dan belajar dengan bersungguh2 untuk peperiksaan final nanti.

2. meng'utilize'kan next 3 months sebaik mungkin sebelum menjelangnya peperiksaan.

3. menyediakan jadual belajar yang sistematik serta cuba untuk mematuhi jadual itu sebaik mungkin.

4. menjadi seorang anak, adik, dan kakak dan aunty yang comel dan baik. hihi.

5. menjadi girlfriend arif yang paling best. =)

6. menjadi muslimah yang lebih baik, menjaga solat, solat di awal waktu bukannye 5 minit sebelum habis waktu, memperbanyakkan amalan sunat dan membaca al-Quran sekurang2nya sekali sehari, serta menjaga aurat dan batas pergaulan saya.

7. belajar berjimat cermat dan menyimpan duit dengan berjaya. saya juga tak nak shopping berlebihan lagi. ok ok esok dan lusa boleh kira hari last la saya shopping. rugi la sale kalau tak shopping.

8. memberi kasih sayang yang luar biasa kepada arif saya. sila muntah sekarang.

9. meneruskan diet saya yang telah terbengkalai dan mencapai berat idaman saya iaitu 47kg. susah rupa-rupanya nak turun 2kg.

10. mengurangkan waktu tidur saya kepada 5jam sehari sahaja. at least sehingga habis peperiksaan final pada bulan 4 nanti.

11. kurangkan bercakap. saya rasa saya bercakap terlalu banyak, setiap masa.

12. kurangkan membuang masa duk menyibuk kat blog- blog ntahsapesape macam saya ni takde kerja padahal buku berlambak2 kena baca.

13. berhenti menonton tv series kegemaran saya. saya juga telah meninggalkan hard disk saya di bawah penjagaan arif. tsk tsk. jaga elok2 ya, jgn delete cerita2 saya dalam tu pastu letak porn pulak. hahahhahahaha kantoi kan boyfriend sendiri. huisshhh tak tak. boyfriend saya tak macam tu. baik je dia. calon suami terbaik. haha. back to the story, saya hanya akan menyambung menonton kembali semua cerita2 itu hanya apabila saya telah habis peperiksaan final nanti. wahh besar sungguh pengorbanan saya ini. takpelah, orang kata kalau nak belajar medic kena sacrifice banyak2. inilah pengorbanan saya yang paling besar.

14. mengawal perasaan marah dan benci saya. saya akan cuba untuk tidak membenci siapa2 lagi, dan juga membuang semua perasaan benci di dalam hati saya. saya akan cuba untuk jadi seorang yang pemaaf dan suka meminta maaf. kepada sesiapa yang ada mengutuk2 saya sebelum ni, especially gurlish tu, takpe saya dah maafkan dah ape yang awak kutuk saya hari tu. mungkin awak ini seorang yang sangat sempurna sehinggakan awak tergamak untuk mengutuk orang sesuka hati awak seperti awak tu mak bapak saya. eh mana ada mak bapak kutuk anak sendiri kan.

15. mengurangkan mengumpat dan saya tidak mahu lagi mengambil tahu mengenai hal orang lain yang takde kena mengena dengan saya.

16. mengurangkan juga waktu berblog. mungkin saya hanya akan berblog sekali seminggu. mungkin la. kadang2 bila sudah pulang ke india, saya berasa sangatlah sangap sehinggakan berblog pun rasa macam best padahal bukannye best pun cerita yang saya nak cerita tu. paham ke ayat saya? almaklumlah dah nak balik india ni kena la prektis balik cakap berbelit2 supaya tidak ditipu oleh drebar auto.

eh selingan jap, tibe2 abah saya panggil, "ida ida tengok nih piki wat balik gapo". tengok nih hasil tangkapan nelayan rumah kami a.k.a adik saya dari paya belakang rumah. series macam budak kampung adik aku.

meremang bulu roma saya. oh ya untuk pengetahuan umum, saya tidak makan ikan. bukan kerana allergy, tapi tidak suka dan tidak pandai untuk makan ikan. ade la 2 bulan sekali saya makan ikan. ikan keli ni lagi la saya tak makan.

ok sambung balik pasal azam.

17. cuba tidak menghabiskan duit ibu bapa saya sebaik mungkin. tapi baru je plan nak mintak duit ngan umi malam ni nak gi ambil baju kurung 2 pasang kat tailor. 2 hari lepas dah ambik 3 pasang, pun umi bayar jugak. semoga tuhan memurahkan lagi rezeki ibu bapa saya. tapi ok la kain saya beli sendiri ape. eh banyak pulak alasan kan.

18. cuba membeli tiket pulang ke malaysia sepenuhnya dengan menggunakan duit saya sendiri, tanpa bantuan ibu bapa lagi. eh tp ok ape kali ni tiket balik umi belanja rm200 je tau. yang lain saya bayar sendiri.

19. mencuba pelbagai jenis resepi masakan yang baru supaya bila dah kahwin macam terer masak. haha. bukanlah, supaya takde lah saya ngn neela nak termuntah balik2 ayam masak merah, masak kicap, kari ngan kurma je.

20. menjadi lebih berani dengan ibu bapa dan keluarga arif. tak cerita lagi hari tu gi lunch ngn parents arif. nanti lah dalam entry lain pulak.

ok tu je. penat tu nak kumpul 20 azam. azam yang last2 tu nampak sangat dah merepek takde modal.

till then, mwax!

am going back to india soon... :(

nape la cuti mesti kejap2 je..

cube la bagi cuti lama skit..

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