Sunday, January 11, 2009


tibe2 rasa macam nak berblog..

sebab tiba2 teringat pasal clinical pagi tadi. btw, i'm in the medicine posting.

hari ni macam best.

first thing in the morning, we joined the doctors in the audit. audit is like a discussion session which is conducted between the doctors after the death of a patient, where they will open up the patient's file and record, basically to find where could their mistake be, what they should have done and to learn from the mistakes. ni kalau sape2 tengok grey's anatomy, ni macam M&M yang diorang buat after denny duquette mati tu. best kan. though most of the things discussed were not fully understood, tp i loiiikee..

then, we were supposed to join the ward rounds, but dr cherian asked dr girish to show us a patient with a movement disorder, as he said this might be a once in a lifetime experience for us. the patient was a 16 year old male with chorea ( a continous flow of jerky movements, flitting from one limb or part to another ). we were also shown the formation of kayser-fleischer ring at the limbus of his eye, due to the deposition of copper. i've seen the picture once in the ophthalmology class, but seeing it on real patient is a different thing. the boy is actually diagnosed with autosomal recessive hepatolenticular degeneration disease, where there is toxic accumulation of copper in the liver and basal ganglia, causing the movement abnormalities and all.

despite the degeneration of his basal ganglia, his higher mental function is still intact, and he could still comprehense what were told to him.

next, i joined dr cherian doing the round in the private ward. and this particular patient macam kelakar. she was a former patient of dr cherian, and this time she is admitted due to fracture of lower limb. the funny part is, dr cherian told us that during her previous admission, there was a concern from her family that she is very much obsessed with Bush. yes, Bush, as in George Bush. ni bukan obsess yang main2, she put photoes of bush everywhere, she has it in her bible, her books and yang paling tak tahan, she also put them in her clothes, inner clothes, as in undergarments and all. hihi.

so her family thought that she might be needing some psychiatric consultation, but dr cherian decided not to, since she is a 60 year old lady, and this behavioral disorder does not do any harm to others and it is better to just let her be.

and dr cherian pulak boleh buat lawak dgn makcik tu kan.

"i heard u went to the white house, did u manage to see Bush?"

the lady, " oh yes yes, i saw him."

dr cherian, "then u must be very lucky, i went there once, but i didn't see him.... so now there is no more Bush, u should replace all his pictures with Obama's huh."

hahaha. nak gelak kat situ kuat2 tapi takut kena marah.

then, another patient of chronic alcohol dependance. he was so much influenced by the alcohol, orang tanya are u aware of what year is this...dia pikir punya la lama, pastu jawab... "errrr.. two thousand... ninety."


ok tu je patients hari ni yang rasa macam worth mentioning here. yang lain tu worth jugak, tp banyak sangat and quite common, kalau nak tau gi bace buku sendiri.

till then, mwax!


unsolved said...

babe!!! lawak sial, if i dh confirm gelak gell kat situu..mmg clinical abis la u kn,,jgn u kene infected ngn bush syndrome tu plak kayss!!!nways, nnt i bg itu pics later k!! u tcreee

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