Saturday, February 28, 2009

part nak cari title adalah paling susah.

another one to go yet a big and tough one.

haihhh. malas gile laa.

and.. panassss gile sekarang nii.. tido pukul 9pm sampai 11pm pun boleh bangun berpeluh2 macam ape.. tak tau berapa temperature kat sini skarang ni.


in fact i took a shower once in 3 hours kot sebab dah tak tahan. pukul 3pagi mandi air sejuk syok gileee. kluar shower tangan rasa numb..

arif dah nak balik. yeay! we made it through! please la lepas ni jgn gi mana2 dah..

i miss u.. i miss having u beside me..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the Almighty.

erm jom buat tazkirah nak..

well, i didn't do quite well in the pathology practical just now. but it doesn't matter anymore, as something happened to me that keeps lingering in my head.

as usual, i'm a last-minute person. i study at the very last minute then only it will stuck in my head. tapi orang selalu cakap kan jgn study last minute, nanti tak sempat ingat la,lupa balik la, tak sempat habis baca la semua tu kan. yes that is so true.

so sebab takut sangat, saya selalu doa, mintak tuhan tolong saya time saya exam. ingatkan saya apa2 yang saya lupa, sedarkan saya kalau saya buat silap and bagi pertolongan pada saya bila saya susah.

so today, a part of the practical exam was the urine analysis, where we were supposed to carry out the biochemical tests on the urine sample to identify the abnormal constituents in the sample.

during the last practical exam, the procedures for the biochemical tests were all given to us, so we didn't have to memorise them. we just had to conduct the tests, and give the report.

so this time around, i didn't bother to memorise the procedures la kan, i even asked a few friends and all of them said the same thing, we don't have to remember them as they will be given in the practical hall.

today, when i got to my seat in the lab, my eyes melilau cari, mane takde pun chart for the procedures?

so i asked dr geethanjali, "mam, the procedures for the urine analysis are given, aren't they?"

she replied sambil senyum sarcastic gile, "no, why?"

"no, i just thought that it is given, ermm.. i am not really sure about the procedures,"

pastu dia sengih as in nak cakap padan muka kau.

takpe la, dah pasrah dah pun masa tu. we were asked to carry out the tests to detect the presence of protein and blood in the urine.... yes we learnt this in biochemistry but that was almost 2 years back, i vaguely remember them. ok la i know how to do the heat coagulation test for the protein kan, tapi seriously i had no idea how to begin on the benzidine test for the blood.

but since we also had 4 other tasks to complete, so i malas nak bebankan otak lagi. let's do the others first. so i pun buat2 la yang lain the histopathology slide, peripheral blood smear and all, when a lab assisstant came to me and lit up my spirit burner for the urine analysis tests. but since mase tu i was not ready yet, i just let the fire beside me. bahaya la kan, so the lab assisstant came beside me, and asked, "are u using the fire, if not, just blow it, light it up back later,"... tapi i macam malas la kan nanti kena panggil dia balik nak hidupkan api tu, so i went like, "ok ok i'm doing it now,"...

pastu the lab assisstant just stayed beside me.

and i began doing god knows what i sendiri had no idea masa tu.

i began with the heat coagulation test, dah la urine tu punye la lama nak coagulate, pastu after it coagulates, we are supposed to put a drop of acetic acid in the coagulum.

i looked up on the shelf in front of me, shooottt.... ade dua acetic acid, one is glacial acetic acid and the other is 1% acetic acid. hah yang mana nak guna? hehe gamble je la amik glacial acetic acid. sekali perempuan tu cakap, "no, take the 1%," ... so i pun "oooo...hehehe"....

ok lepas dah heat coagulation test. benzidine test pulak...

i took a test tube, and pippeted in some urine. she looked at me, "what are u doing?"...

"i don't know."

"u remember how to do the test?"


"like this,"....and she started doing everything for me! yeayyyyyyyyy! takde la buat everything, but she told me step by step la along the way tu.

masa tu dalam hati tuhan je tau. syukur gila tak tau nak cakap ape. and alhamdulillah lucky me, my seat was behind the tiang, so the teachers kat depan tak nampak what we were doing masa tu.

so my urine analysis was correct la kan dah i got the procedures right. i saw a few of my friends didn't get the proper result sebab semua orang pun tak hafal kot procedure dia.

my point here is.... masa tu i think god really was helping me out. like, out of all the people, why la assisstant tu came to me? and showed me everything when i have nowhere to begin with?

kan? i think this is the power of doa kan..

ok tu je, i am not good at talking about benda2 baik ni. but it's just my two cents. which i think is worth sharing.


btw, had a good 17 minutes talk with arif today, he's coming back this sunday people!

2 minggu ini adalah 2 minggu yang paling lambat seumur hidup saya.

dengan exam lama nak mati ntah bilanya nak abis ni.. pastu duk kira hari bila arif nak balik nya lagi.. aihh..

btw, we finished the theory papers. only 4 practicals left. *read : boleh tido banyak sikitttttt!

oleh sebab itu, hari ni lepas exam pharmac, saya bantai tido 13jam. 3p.m. to 4a.m. muahahaha. nikmat wa cakap luuu.

lepas bangun tido jadi macam sewel sikit. sebab tu jadi mcm ni.

Monday, February 23, 2009

upin ipin

aihh. sempat lagi blog-hopping kan.pastu baca la sume orang gi tengok upin ipin tu.

nak tengok jugaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

agak2 keluar tak kat wayang kat sini? lawak bodoh.

mesti balik bulan 4 ni dah habis show dia kan.. ke sempat?

for the first time in my life i could answer the pharmacology long essay question wallaaaaahh.. erk alhamdulillah... long essay je la. yang lain hancuss jugak.

eh eh exam seminggu lebih = lost 1.5kg. muahahahahahah. mesti sebab tidur tak teratur. tak pun sebab arif takde. ye la sangat.

me so stupidddddd..

after waiting for so long for arif's sms... akhirnye dpt jgk tadi... tapi tgh tido mati tak sedar langsung arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... now ingat bangun nak study, tgk ade sms from him asking me to call him back 4 hours ago.... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... tension nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

bodoh la tido mati.

takkan nak call sekarang. dah pukul 330 kat malaysia...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall, where in the freaking world is my boyfriend?

no sign of getting a call from him yet... sighhhh...

serious dah tak bermaya nak hidup.....


taknak gi exam esok boleh?

i had a dream and it felt so real...


Saturday, February 21, 2009

saturday makes me miss arif so much.

saturday is the day which he will spend his time with me, YM-ing, berwebbie2, pastu every one hour or so i'll give him a call sebab bosan..

the last time we talked, arif cakap nanti la lagi 3-4 hari dia msg lagi then i can call him again.. tapi takde pun. tapi dia ckp hari sabtu maybe dia kena pergi kayak whatever la. so esok la kot boleh call..hopefully.. i dah macam org gila je, whenever my maxis phone bunyi sbb incoming sms, (btw, i am using 2 phones, u can still text me at my maxis no kalau nak murah..) i macam orang tak betul siap doa2 mintak2 la arif yang msg...tengok2 maxis punye offer la amende la.. tak funny la maxis!

esok baru cukup seminggu.

ade seminggu lagi. lamenye...

sedih tau.

macam takde semangat je nak hidup. hehe over gile.

btw, td i went to see the ophthalmologist.. macam hampeh je doc tu. ade ke when i asked him what is the whitish granules due to, dia jawab, " well, sometimes our eyes do get granules,"....

ape benda jawab mcm tu. at least jawab la erm it could be due to bacteria ke fungus ke ape ke. setakat nak jawab macam tu tak pyh jadi doc pun blh jawab. let say somebody comes with heart attack ke ape ke kan, senang je la nak jawab.. erm well, sometimes our heart does get attacked. boleh ke? i was expecting a better answer la kan from him, at least dia tau i am a med student down his office je, bagi la a satisfying answer sikit.

tapi malas la nak layan.. at least i knew that there is nothing to worry about. but still tak leh pakai contact lense lagi for a while. and my vision pun is getting worse lagi. power dah naik lagi tapi mata kanan je. so malas la nak tukar spec lagi..

kalau ada arif, dia dah yang kena layan dengar i membebel.. tapi dia takde ni terpaksa la bebel sorang2 je..sedih lagi..

camane la dia kat sana. mesti cam penat gila nak mati... ciannn...

ok lah chow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

there is something growing in my both eyes in the palpebral its not like what u called ketumbit ke ape ke..they are like few small small granules.. and my eyes are irritably dry..
i think somekind of fungus is growing there.. takot..

i noticed this since a week back. tapi tak sempat lagi nk g jumpa doctor. plus we dont have clinicals anymore, kalau tak senang je boleh g jumpe dr reena or dr philip kat situ je..

am seeing the ophthalmologist tomorrow..

selalu je time exam macam2 la nak kena. naik tu la naik ni la.aihh...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

thank god..

talked to arif. though the conversation was very brief, in very few minutes time, tapi sangat sangat sangattttttttt membahagiakan.

dengar je suara die terus nangis. haha gile.

at least i know he's doing fine, and he misses me too.

i miss him a lot. sehari 3 kali menangis. sumpah pasni taknak gaduh dah. baru tau macam mana rasa bila dah takleh cakap ni kan.

p/s: ada kwn dia curik2 seludup handphone. thanks to him!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


oh god, it's been only two days, but i miss him so much.

i did terribly bad in the exam today, probably because i didn't finish reading before the exam.

i should have read everything, and i planned to..

but yesterday after the exam and had my lunch with neela, i stayed at the library to continue studying. then at 5, i went back.

reached home safely, then i continued my revision. at 6pm, i felt so tired since i had only 4 hours sleep the night before. so i took a nap, and since it was only 6pm, i thought i would just have a one hour sleep or so, and i didn't set the alarm. i doze off the moment my head touched the pillow.

it was 3.30 am when i woke up! and i have yet so much to cover. so so much there is no possible way i could finish in 6 hours time before the exam.

arif, i am so deppressed.. if u were there, u could have woke me up last night and i wouldnt have overslept.. and i couldn't answer more than half of the questions just now..

u were gone for only 2 days and i am already miserable.

bodoh la OBS.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

arif and OBS.

haha so i broke my promise.

ye ye esok exam. and i am like pasrah je la. takpe buat betul2 nnt professional exam. hehe.

by the wayyy.. reason i'm writing is..... arif is leaving today... for OBS...the outbound school... ala yg mcm BTN tu la.. and it's going to be a two hell week for us..there he has to give up his handphone and all, meaning we won't be contacting each other for 2 weeks. purrrrrrfectttt la kannnn! dah la i tengah exam, pastu kalau sangap2 nak cakap ngan sapeeeeeeee? arif kata tak payah la cakap.

sedih gile. and last night was like our last conversation before sleep, it was terribly menyedihkan and macam nak nangis je. what to expect..the longest we could stay without talking to each other would be for 24 hours i think, bila gaduh. tu pun tuhan je tau gatalnye tangan nak ambik fon nak call dia. tapi sebab berlagak ego tak nak mengalah kan.

tapi ni 2 minggu weyyyyyyyyy.... dia balik tu i dah habis internal assessment..

so arif wrote me this in his blog. ha die ade blog tapi tak bagi i letak link


1.Sepemergian saya selama 2 minggu ini, diharap supaya jangan nakal-nakal dan curang-curang. Jikalau tidak, saya akan murka. Dan saya serius!

2. Selamat menjawab soalan-soalan ujian dan peperiksaan nanti. Belajar rajin-rajin. Tapi jangan lupa untuk makan dan berehat jika penat. Saya risau bila tiba hari peperiksaan, awak tidak sihat dan sebagainya. Saya yakin awak akan dapat buat yang terbaik. Saya doakan kejayaan awak.

3. Sentiasa ingat dan merindui saya. Jangan lupa untuk menghantar komen-komen rindu ke akaun friendster saya. Begitu juga dengan email. INGAT YE?

4. Doakan keselamatan saya pergi dan pulang dari Lumut. Doakan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan saya di sana.

5. Akhir kata, saya amat menyayangi dan menyintai awak. Saya akan sangat merindui awak. Tapi jangan risau, saya ada membawa sedikit foto-foto kita untuk ditatap tatkala kerinduan melanda. Tapi, saya tidak dapat mendengar suara manja, senyuman manis awak selama 2 minggu. Sungguh menyedihkan. Saya harap awak juga akan merindui saya sebagaimana saya merindui awak.


Your Lover.


i will work out on the reply someday when i'm free enough. as for now, i need to rush through the general pathology.

to arif, i am already missing u. please take care of urself very well there. my prayer will always accompany you and your way. semoga balik nanti muka tak hitam dan perut dah tak buncit lagi. i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

till then, mwax!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

exam fever.

III Internal assessment :

monday 16th feb - pathology I theory.
tuesday 17th feb - pathology II theory.
wed 18th feb - microbiology I theory.
thurs 19th feb - microbiology II theory.
friday 20th - forensic medicine I and II theory.
monday 23rd - pharmacology I theory.
tuesday 24th - pharmacology II theory.
wed 25th - practical.
thurs 26th - practical.
friday 27th - practical.
saturday 28th - practical.

1st march - 15th march - study leave (leave la sgt, class pharmac ade jgk)


monday 16th march : pathology I theory.
tue 17th march : pathology II theory.
thursday 19th : microbiology I theory.
friday 20th : microbiology II theory.
monday 23rd : pharmacology I theory.
tuesday 24th : pharmacology II theory.
thursday 26th : forensic medicine I and II theory.
30th - 2nd april : practicals.

6th april : flight to malaysia.

i am going to stop blogging from now onwards, am running out of time. will resume after the exams. meanwhile, doakan kejayaan saya. as usual, doa saya pass je..Insya Allah.

take care u people.

Friday, February 6, 2009

rindu mereka.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

u cheer me up!

specially delivered for me today.

thank u. that was so sweet of u. though ur attempt to surprise me failed many times. hehe.

i love u sooooo much. thank u thank u thank u.

so tell me now, how can i not love him sooooo much?

Monday, February 2, 2009

yaar yaar....

location : mitral mobile.
time : 4.30 p.m.

me : ISD recharge Rs2200 please.

pakcik mitral : number?

me : 99********

one minute later,

sms : hai.

me : *ignored*

few minutes later, 8 miscalls. then,

sms : message reply friend.

me : *apekah?*... so i texted, "no, i dont want to be your friend!"

sms : please... i am no a bad person. my eyes got stuck on u. m a bbm student. i request u to be my friend. my name is rifath. and your gud name?

sms : and upon that purple is my fav fav fav colour. may be our thoughts match...please lets be friend. pls dnt mind.

me : no, i am married. i cannot be ur friend.

sms : dont lie yaar. i just now saw you. nd married people cant be someone's friend is it?

me : im not lying. my husband is here. u want to talk to him?

sms : swear on ur mum.

me : what d hell is wrong with u? u want 2 talk 2 my husband? i will never be your friend! u cant force me!

sms : see yaar, u r lying. neways that doesnt matter for me. because am not proposing you yaar.just asking to be friend.actually i had a friend endah 4rm indo, bt she's bk hme nw. i love u ppl yaar.

sms : tell na. are u a muslim.

me : yes i am a muslim, n i have to obey my husband.don't u get it?find some1 else 2 be ur friend!i don't like your people! n im not from indo!

sms : you think i am hindu..rifat is a muslim name my dear. if not indo there where are you from. and i am not asking to disobey your husband yaar. do u spk urdu or hindi, no i guess na. where r u 4rm?

sms : reply yaar.

then i stopped replying, switched off my phone.

first of all, go learn english and make sure u are better than me. i had hard time understanding ur texts.

secondly, what's up with the 'yaar yaar' at the end of the sentences? they annoyed me so bad.

third, u got ur eyes stuck on me? say this outloud everyone, "EUWWWWW".

fourth, and purple is ur fav fav fav colour? like i care? *btw, i was wearing purple shirt with purple scarf and purple sandals, hehe*.. our thoughts match? oh come onnnnnn..purple is sooooo not my fav color any longer.dah la orang pakai baju baru beli. haram tak pakai dah pasni.

fifth,what the hell la orang ckp dah kahwin pun nak paksa2 org lg. and ape hal nak suruh org swear2 pulak? ergghhhhh. why la so bloody idiot this people.

sixth, bbm student. what the hell is bbm? bau badan masam? that's what i can come out with.

seventh, "i request u to be my friend"....amboi amboiii amboiiiiiii... ingat aku ni apebenda nak request2?

EEUUUUWWWWWWW. tak tahu la nak cakap macam mana. i think this bloody bloody gila man got my number masa dekat mobile store tu la kot. if only he understands malay, memang i mencarut laaaaaaaaa..

dah tu, tak paham bahasa kan, orang dah cakap taknak kawan, nak jugak paksa2 orang apehal? bodoh gileeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

and the worst part is, he keeps miscalling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even now punnnnn... pastu duk sms reply yaar..reply yaar... kepala hotakkkkkk dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee duk yaar yaar aku baling tayar karang....

let's see sampai esok. kalau ada lagi, memang tukar number lepas ni. ERGHHHHHHHHH.

and i kept imagining die ni adalah keling busuk like hitam melekit berminyak bau tengik yuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... tolong laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... geliiiiiiiii weyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


yang benar,
insan bengang yang tengah geli geleman.

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