Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the Almighty.

erm jom buat tazkirah nak..

well, i didn't do quite well in the pathology practical just now. but it doesn't matter anymore, as something happened to me that keeps lingering in my head.

as usual, i'm a last-minute person. i study at the very last minute then only it will stuck in my head. tapi orang selalu cakap kan jgn study last minute, nanti tak sempat ingat la,lupa balik la, tak sempat habis baca la semua tu kan. yes that is so true.

so sebab takut sangat, saya selalu doa, mintak tuhan tolong saya time saya exam. ingatkan saya apa2 yang saya lupa, sedarkan saya kalau saya buat silap and bagi pertolongan pada saya bila saya susah.

so today, a part of the practical exam was the urine analysis, where we were supposed to carry out the biochemical tests on the urine sample to identify the abnormal constituents in the sample.

during the last practical exam, the procedures for the biochemical tests were all given to us, so we didn't have to memorise them. we just had to conduct the tests, and give the report.

so this time around, i didn't bother to memorise the procedures la kan, i even asked a few friends and all of them said the same thing, we don't have to remember them as they will be given in the practical hall.

today, when i got to my seat in the lab, my eyes melilau cari, mane takde pun chart for the procedures?

so i asked dr geethanjali, "mam, the procedures for the urine analysis are given, aren't they?"

she replied sambil senyum sarcastic gile, "no, why?"

"no, i just thought that it is given, ermm.. i am not really sure about the procedures,"

pastu dia sengih as in nak cakap padan muka kau.

takpe la, dah pasrah dah pun masa tu. we were asked to carry out the tests to detect the presence of protein and blood in the urine.... yes we learnt this in biochemistry but that was almost 2 years back, i vaguely remember them. ok la i know how to do the heat coagulation test for the protein kan, tapi seriously i had no idea how to begin on the benzidine test for the blood.

but since we also had 4 other tasks to complete, so i malas nak bebankan otak lagi. let's do the others first. so i pun buat2 la yang lain the histopathology slide, peripheral blood smear and all, when a lab assisstant came to me and lit up my spirit burner for the urine analysis tests. but since mase tu i was not ready yet, i just let the fire beside me. bahaya la kan, so the lab assisstant came beside me, and asked, "are u using the fire, if not, just blow it, light it up back later,"... tapi i macam malas la kan nanti kena panggil dia balik nak hidupkan api tu, so i went like, "ok ok i'm doing it now,"...

pastu the lab assisstant just stayed beside me.

and i began doing god knows what i sendiri had no idea masa tu.

i began with the heat coagulation test, dah la urine tu punye la lama nak coagulate, pastu after it coagulates, we are supposed to put a drop of acetic acid in the coagulum.

i looked up on the shelf in front of me, shooottt.... ade dua acetic acid, one is glacial acetic acid and the other is 1% acetic acid. hah yang mana nak guna? hehe gamble je la amik glacial acetic acid. sekali perempuan tu cakap, "no, take the 1%," ... so i pun "oooo...hehehe"....

ok lepas dah heat coagulation test. benzidine test pulak...

i took a test tube, and pippeted in some urine. she looked at me, "what are u doing?"...

"i don't know."

"u remember how to do the test?"


"like this,"....and she started doing everything for me! yeayyyyyyyyy! takde la buat everything, but she told me step by step la along the way tu.

masa tu dalam hati tuhan je tau. syukur gila tak tau nak cakap ape. and alhamdulillah lucky me, my seat was behind the tiang, so the teachers kat depan tak nampak what we were doing masa tu.

so my urine analysis was correct la kan dah i got the procedures right. i saw a few of my friends didn't get the proper result sebab semua orang pun tak hafal kot procedure dia.

my point here is.... masa tu i think god really was helping me out. like, out of all the people, why la assisstant tu came to me? and showed me everything when i have nowhere to begin with?

kan? i think this is the power of doa kan..

ok tu je, i am not good at talking about benda2 baik ni. but it's just my two cents. which i think is worth sharing.


btw, had a good 17 minutes talk with arif today, he's coming back this sunday people!


S.u.F.e.E said...

alhamdulillah, bila la lab assistant nak tolong akak plak...!!

tell you what, when u r telling ur blog that you've got an exam, etime akak baca mesti tolong panik, kire tolong tension sama, nak2 part yang tertido mati tu (kih kih). But, this thime I am so happy for you...hehehheh

elida hanan. said...

hehe.. best gile kot mase tu. siap kawan2 kat sebelah pun tumpang sekaki tgk lab asstnt tu buat.

chey chey akak pulak panik, tuan nye badan nak exam rilek je sempat blogging2 lagi..hehehe..

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