Tuesday, February 17, 2009


oh god, it's been only two days, but i miss him so much.

i did terribly bad in the exam today, probably because i didn't finish reading before the exam.

i should have read everything, and i planned to..

but yesterday after the exam and had my lunch with neela, i stayed at the library to continue studying. then at 5, i went back.

reached home safely, then i continued my revision. at 6pm, i felt so tired since i had only 4 hours sleep the night before. so i took a nap, and since it was only 6pm, i thought i would just have a one hour sleep or so, and i didn't set the alarm. i doze off the moment my head touched the pillow.

it was 3.30 am when i woke up! and i have yet so much to cover. so so much there is no possible way i could finish in 6 hours time before the exam.

arif, i am so deppressed.. if u were there, u could have woke me up last night and i wouldnt have overslept.. and i couldn't answer more than half of the questions just now..

u were gone for only 2 days and i am already miserable.

bodoh la OBS.


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