Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my sign of aging.

is it just me, or everybody else is having the same problem?

am i getting older?

i don't know why but it seems that my memory is getting poorer and poorer each day. memorising the drug doses seems to be very hard. it used to be easy, memorising was my thing before. i used to be the type of hurry-up-memorize-everything-though-i-dont-understand-it-as-long-as-i-could-spill-everything-out-on-the-question-paper.

sign of aging?

ke sebab asyik makan maggi and minum coke?

sikit je lagi.

hang in there elida hanan!

Friday, March 27, 2009

my wedding..

i've been tagged by nad... nad, ade 1 lagi tag hari tu elida tak buat lagi..sebab tkleh nk view ur page, now that u open it to public back baru elida blh baca balik ur blog.. hehe..

so here it goes. it's about my wedding plan. as if i'm getting married soon je la kan dah ada plan2.. hehe..

1. How old are you?

i'm turning 23 this year. mak aihh dah tua...

2. Are you single?

absolutely NO.

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?

hurm. the earliest would be 25, but i haven't finished my study yet, so it should be around 26 y.o.

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

insya Allah. i really hope and want to..

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

taknak kawennnn..hehe gedik gile...

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?

noor afienna binti che zulkifli and her partner.

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?

garden and traditional.

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

hurm. i never planned one. tengok la nanti arif nak gi mana.

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

i see i see... am not sure about this. but of course i'm gonna invite all my friends!

10. Will that include your exes?

taknak lah! especially the last one. datang la kalau nk kena baling kasut!

11. How many layers of cake do you want?

three! hehe tetibe je nak three.nape ntah..

12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?

anytime will do.

13. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding:

selamat pengantin baru~~~haha taktau la nak lagu ape..

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?

fork & spoon.. tapi org selalu mkn barehand je kan...unless buat wedding kat hotel ke ape ke...

15. Champagne or red wine?

air sirap.

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

right after the wedding! baru la hot! haha...

17. Money or household items?

i prefer household items. ha bagi semua tv, washing machine, fridge...

18. How many kids would you like to have?

three! tapi arif nak 4. heh beranak sendiri la!

19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?

ok jer.

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know ?


tu jer..


ok since i am dead bored now, why don't i write about the sexual perversion that i learnt in our forensic medicine class...

why i found this thing interesting is, because everything about it is common to us, it's just that we maybe didn't know what they actually call it, legally. and for some guys, maybe korang tak tau ape yang korang buat tu is actually tak normal.hahaha.. and it amused me too u know, macam tengah baca2 tu feel like ehh ade rupanya orang macam ni... hehe..

ok let's begin.. so these are some of the common sexual perversions..

1. sadism.
this is when a man gets his sexual gratification when he tortures, inflicts pain and humiliates his sexual partner.but this can also be seen in woman. this become medico-legally important when in some cases, the person may get so excited, he may murder the victim, eat the dead body (necrophagia) or rape the corpse (necrophilia).

this is just the opposite of sadism. here, the man gets his sexual gratification when his partner inflicts pain on him. this can also be seen in women. sometimes the woman may invite the man to abuse or torture her..<--korang ingat tak dalam desperate housewives, ex-husband Bree dulu tu, Rex, he's a masochist kan?.. see how i applied what i learnt in class with my hobby? it helps a lot tau!

3. fetishism.
this in seen in males only. here, the man gets his sexual gratification just by seeing some part of the woman or her articles, most commonly her undergarments, shoes, clothes etc. <-- ha yang ni pun ade jugak. yang bree punye ex-boyfriend sekejap tu before she married orson. eh asyik2 bree je yang dapat pervert, kesiannn..

4. transvestism.
this is the desire to wear the clothes of opposite site. hehe ni kita panggil pondan and tomboy ye makcik pakcik.

5. exhibitionist.
the exhibitionist gets pleasure by showing his genitals to women, girls or small children. <---euww, mcla, ingat dok, aku rasa masa ni aku ngan mung, kita gi outing kb, masa tu kita kat stesen bas kb, pastu dale bas sbelah ado makhluk tak siuman ni tunjuk2 benda tu... ingat dok? aku ingat tak ingat, tapi aku rasa benda ni happened maso aku duk scipp, bukan mrsm.

6. scoptophilia.

it is deriving sexual pleasure by watching one's exposed genitalia. <--- i need not say much on this.

7. voyeurism (peeping tom)
it is the repetitive seeking for situations where he can observe person of the opposite sex undressing or taking bath etc. it is also like watching porn movies. <---- ni orang panggil skodeng. ha korang yang tengok porn tu pun, abnormal behavior tu tau!haha..

8. paedophilia.
it is the preferential sexual activity with children. it can be from watching them nude or showing genitalia to them or touching them, and to the extent of raping or sodomy. <--- yang ni banyak kan sekarang? nauzubillah.. of all, i think this is the most disgusting..

9. troilism.

it is when the person obtains sexual gratification by watching his own wife performing intercourse with someone else. <---- apekah????

10. nymphomania.

excessive sexual desire in woman where she enjoys having multiple sexual partners and desires excessive sexual activities.

11. satyriasis.
excessive sexual desire in males who seek for multiple partners or need sex more frequently as compared to normal men.

12. frottteurism.
it is a sexual perversion in which the person gets pleasure by rubbing with bodies of opposite sex like in crowded bus, trains or fairs. they may try to rub their genitalia against bodies of opposite sex. <---ni pun selalu jugak ni kan dalam komuter ke lrt ke. lempang je orang tu kalau you girls happen to be in this situation.takpe, people around you must be on your side.

13. undinism.

the person gets sexual pleasure by watching a person of opposite sex urinating or defecating in public, they may even ask their partner to urinate or defecate on him/her. <--- tak senonoh gila. i think there must be a lot of undinist here in india, considering how they people suka kencing and berak tepi jalan kan?

ok that's all yang stated in my text book, which i think is the most common and necessary for us med students to know.

so guys, which one of these are you?
hahaha.. tak lawak tak lawak..

i've watched the movie!how about you?


i'm done with the theory papers.. Alhamdulillah. though they were not so good after all, but i did it, with the emotional breakdown in the middle of the way, ups and downs tertonggeng tergolek semua tu i managed to get through it jugak akhirnya. now i just have to pray for the best, as on my part, i've done everything i could... dah sampai masa dia kita serah kat Tuhan pulak kan...



sape dah tengok Confessions Of A Shopaholic?

saya dah!!!muahahahahahahaha... ni baru balik tengok wayang ni haaa... it was not my plan at all... as usual after the exam me and neela will first have our lunch somewhere near the college before we get back home.. and today we went to the Ice Spice and met anies, rempit, seti and ain.. so i lepak borak2 with them for a while, and somehow along the conversation, anies was like, eh join kitorang tgk movie malam ni nak? ape lagi kan... hehehe... ni baru je habis thoery exams, macam la takde practicals next week... but i think i really need a break...

so the movie was nice. i never read the book. lame, i know... but entah la selalu je tengok buku dia at the bookstores, nampak menarik je kan cover die, but lepas angkat, letak balik, pastu angkat, letak balik.last2 tak terbeli2 jugak..heheheh..

butttttt... to kill the time before the movie, i went jalan2 ngan neela, and somehow terbeli these two babies from FCUK... and of course they cost a big hole in my pocket again la kannnnn... haihhhh... tapi takpe, consider it as a reward to myself for studying so hard.hahaha. baru study sikit dah nak reward, takleh imagine la kalau study yang betul2 macam budak2 pandai tu, entah2 malam ni dah beli kereta sebijik bagi reward kat diri sendiri..

after all, i was having so much funnnnn... gelak yang tak henti2 tu, with seti and anies and their neverending funny stories... it was nice to finally feel free...kalau tak, mesti like ok now nak baca ape ni,hurm sempat tak habis baca ni before 11 o'clock, ok dah baca topic ni pulak, owh lupa soalan hari tu tak baca lagi bla bla bla.... and tonight, i could finally give my little brain some break...

but i cannot be so comfortable and confident, because deep down inside, i know that i actually didn't do quite well in the exams, and there is always a possibility that the result might not turn out well... nauzubillah...takut pulak...

anywayy..dah berapa kali anyway dah...ok tukar, anyhooooo... i was reading the forensic medicine text book last night, and there are few parts which i think are interesting and worth sharing dengan korang yang tak buat medic ni..ala buat tambah general knowledge korang.. it's about sexual perversion. hah menarik bukan? i know arif must be interested in this thing..haha.. tapi macam malas pulak nak tulis sekarang...esok la eh..takpe, i have plenty of free time tomorrow.. ok peeps?

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

why i dated him.

hurm. so tomorrow is going to be my last theory paper.

tapi malas die ya rabbi tuhan je la tahu.

macam bukan nak exam je esok. right after pharmacology paper yesterday dah bantai tido sampai maghrib, pastu bangun, cooked for dinner, hurm it's been a while dah tak makan nasik properly with lauk-pauk and all, macam best je. lepas dinner, layan desperate housewives pastu tengok twilight lagi buat kali yang ke berapa dah tak leh nak kira, pastu kol11 dah tertido balik. i guess my system must be soooo exhausted, i just laid my back, tak kira la kat katil ke, kat kerusi ke, mesti tertido punye...

pastu pagi ni plan nak gi library, but sangat2 la malassss nak tukar2 baju semua tu. so i thought takpe la, duk rumah je la... bolehnye study... hehe...macam la tak tau kan.. dalam masa 2 jam, baru habis 2 page buku forensic ni ha...

haihhh...lambatnye la nak habis exam ni... and paling best nye is, seminggu lebih jeeee lagi nak balik.... yip yip... another monday to go, and the next monday i'll be seeing my honey bunny bunchitttt muhammad ariff!!! owhhhh sooo can't wait. one good thing about this long distance relationship thingy, the excitement to see each other, is wayyyyyy more than usual... u know, even duk dekat pun everytime nak jumpa partner masing2 mesti la excited kan, yang duk jauh ni apetah lagi kannn....

few days back, i was teased by a friend of mine, as he saw my YM status - view my webcam... i was YM-ing with arif masa tu. and this friend saje je request to view it, and of course i rejected la kannn... hehe.. pastu he was like, "ek elleee kalo aku jadik bf ko, mesti ko tgh webcam ngn aku skarang ni".... so i said something like helloooo aku takdenye nak jadik gf koooo....and my answer somehow raised an issue to him, like apsal pulak i cannot be his gf kan..

so here's my point to counter back his issue tu kan..

firstly, mesti la because i am now deeeeeply in love with this great guy MUHAMMAD ARIFF as u can see his pic is on my YM display image.

secondly, i will never date a guy studying in the same place with me. never did, never will... why? ntah la... i think i just love the idea of long distance relationship. plus, i am the easily get bored type, so with this long distance thingy, takde la bosan sangat...

thirdly, i prefer older guy. it's not that big no-no. as i said, i PREFER. and ok la arif is a year older. but being same age with me is quite a demerit to me.. reason is, i am somehow suka melawan, like when arif said this, i will purposedly said the other way around just to piss him off, tapi bila dia marah, i will be really2 scared, like reaaaaalllllyyyyy2 scared. i used to date a guy sebaya with me loooooooong time ago, and kalau dia marah it's like eleh sikit pun tak takut la. paham tak? senang cerita, i think, him being older than me just make it easy for me to respect him... kalau tak, die cakap ape2, first thing that came into my mind mesti like, eleh macam la dia tu betul sangat. and sekarang ni kalau arif cakap ape2, i will be like erm betul jugak, ok i will listen to him.. tapiiiiiiiii, i dated a guy which is way older than me before, *pardon me, some of u might know who this is*... tapi it didn't end well jugak, susah,sebab dia tu bodoh sangat. hah there i said it, dah lama nak cakap tapi tak terluah2.. sape nak kutuk, kutuk la. i have my reasons to feel and say so!!

eh emo plak.

ok sambung balik.

and lastly, i wouldn't be dating anyone else anymore, as i have already found a guy who could offer me every single thing in the world that i would ask for. he's the guy i'd be dying to have in my life, and now that i have him, no other god's creation can replace him! yes that is my MUHAMMAD ARIFF! sayang dierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... *ok muntah sekarang*

ok tu je lah..nak tengok MUHAMMAD ARIFF saye? ni lah diaaaaaa...

hensemnyeee boyfriend sapa la ni???? panggg kena lempang ngan arif!

ok dah dah.. sekian saja entry saya untuk hari ini. saya kini mendapat inspirasi untuk belajar setelah melihat gambar kacak MUHAMMAD ARIFF saya.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

saya penat.

at some point, i just feel like giving up. this is just sooo tiring.. if u know what i meant..


this is the path that i chose. there is no way i can turn back the time... and even if i could, there is nothing else i think i could be doing..umur dah nak masuk 23 kotttttt... takkan nak terhegeh2 belajar benda lain starting all over again...

seriously, sekarang ni i really tak tau why i pilih nak buat medic ni.. ok la kalau the doctors and teachers tanya, mestilah most of us akan jawab like, erm we want to help people bla bla bla. but honestly, deep down inside, i buat medic because of the money. because i think doctors make a lot of money. ala jgn tipu la mesti korang2 pun yg buat medic ni one of the many reasons tu mesti sbb ni jgk kan.

maybe i'm feeling this way sebab niat tu dah tak betul in the first place kan.

i need inspiration.

ergh. bosan weyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baca buku baca buku baca buku. nak tido pun takut and kena pikir dulu sempat ke baca buku kalau tido skejap? makan pun sambil baca notes.tengah mandi pun duk recall benda yang hafal sebelum tu.

i need a break. yes, sooooonnnnnnnn.

ok lah taaa~~

Friday, March 20, 2009

nothing much pun.

today's paper was the hardest of all so far...


because microbiology has never been so tough, the monthly tests, even the internals, so bila final ni skali dia bagi soalan susah, ergh rasa disappointed gilerrr...

takde mood lah nak berblog..

p/s : do u know watching ur bf sleeping is the best feeling ever? i dont know how do u guys feel, tapi bile saye tgk arif tido rase mcm best je...he just looks so vulnerable..hehe.. btw, tgk die tido kot webbie la, jgn pikir bukan2! he was actually waiting for 1am sbb i mintak tlg die belikan tiket airasia nak blk kelate nnt and the website was under maintenance la pulak..and he just dozed off while waiting...shiannn... mcm chomey je... tak chomey ke? bia ah bf sy suke hati sy la nk nampak die chomey ke ape.. jangan tetibe die mengigau sudah..haha..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm back!

wah no blogging since like when...erm more than a week? cayalah...


my laptop just went dead a week ago. i don't know why, i think it had something to do with its ventilation system ke ape ke, but it just got very2 hot, pastu pfffftttt... mati dah...

it was on saturday, just a week before my final exam. oh my god. time ni la kan dia nak rosak. but then i thought it just need to be reformatted or what not, so i handed it to amir, after a night trying all his best, there's nothing he could do. whenever he tried to reformat it, the machine just got panas balik then automaticallt turned off. tak tau brape belas kali amir try tapi tak dpt jgk.

so amir suggested maybe i should get myself a cooler pad. ergh. it was sunday, the nearest place where i can find all these stuffs adalah dekat MG Road. dah la dekat2 nak exam ni, malasnya ya rabbi nak keluar.

keluar jugak la ke MG road with neela. keluar dan balik dengan pantas sekali. but to my disappoinment, it did no good. still panas jgk, and amir said the hard disk might have been damaged.

erghhh. to cut short, tapi ya Allah tuhan je tahu gelabah nye masa tu, sebab semua orang ckp mcm worthless je baiki laptop kat sini, especially sebab few of my friends had the same prob before, and they ended spending lotsssssss of money, tapi last2 laptop tu takleh guna jgk and beli baru lepas tu.

i tried to calm myself down. pikir punyela pikir. nak buat macam mana ni...

i need the computer for the practical exams, as the notes and gambar semua kena bukak kat laptop kan. without it memang takleh nak study....mesti lah dah start tension kan time tu...

masa tu dah tak kisah dah, i think i asked almost everybody kot, tanya sape ade extra laptop ke ape ke, tapi semua org yg punye dah rosak...

hehe ape lagi mase tu, dah la nak study, pastu pikir pasal laptop lagi... nangis la keje. hehehe. taktau lah kenape, memang suka lah nangis2 ni... i think abah pun gelabah kot hearing me crying over the phone. tapi abah punye suggestion lagi ntahpape. takde ke kedai sewa laptop? ape kahh....heheheh...

lucky me, our dean Dato' Ghani is coming here last sunday, and after talking to him, tanya boleh tak nak mintak tlg bwkkan laptop from my parents, dia kata ok.

alhamdulillah rasa lega gila kot.

ingtkan habis kat situ cerita sedih. pastu since umi was going to sabah on saturday, she brought her laptop and passed it to arif, so that on sunday arif would then pass it to dato ghani..

nak jadi cerita la kan, dah arif janji dah sampai klia dia nak call dato ghani, dato ghani ni boleh pulak tertinggal handphone dekat rumah, and wife dia ckp dia dah gerak gi klia. macam mane la arif nak cari dato ghani tu kan...

i don't know how he did it, tapi he just went and asked people randomly, dato ghani ke ni... heheh.. and finally jumpa jugak.. masa tu me kat sini dah mcm give up kot. memang ingat nak keluar g beli desktop la..

alhamdulillah.. so here i am, blogging from my mom's lappy!

to my abah and umi, thank u so much for being so worried and thinking on how to work things out, until all turned out fine..

to arif, thank u thank u thank u, i don't know how to say it, i know how shameful it was to go around and asked people macam tu, but u did it for me.. thank u sangat2...

and to amir as well, he's been helping a lot. i was bugging him every half an hour asking what to do..

tak tau la kenape, but i think i am kinda yang tak bernasib baik ni. ala ade je kan setengah orang nasib dia baik je, my sister nuni is like that. umi pun always says that nuni selalu nasib baik, even sometimes bad things happened to her, tapi dia mesti end up lucky jgk.

and umi jgk always says that i am the one yg memang jenis malang sikit. tapi memang betul pun... malas la nak cerita kat sini satu2, but seriously i tell u, dah byk sgt benda2 malang ni happened to me, so bila malam tu arif kata dato ghani tertinggal handphone kat rumah, i macam dah pasrah. it was just my bad luck. ade je kan masalah.

erm i know tak baik ckp macam ni kan, mcm mempertikaikan takdir tuhan. takde lah. astagfirullah..tapi i think bila dah selalu sgt ada masalah ni, i now know how to handle things better. and when bad things just happened to me, i took it as a sign tuhan nak uji my kesabaran je..

ok enough pasal tu...

btw, i've started my final exam.. pathology papers were over. and alhamdulillah sangat2, i think it could never be better than this.. alhamdulillah, all the main questions were answered. at least takde la tinggal terus main question macam dalam internal assessment hari tu...

rasa macam heaven gile kottttttttt dah habis paper patho...

to those yang tak tau, nak tau why my exam is like sangat menakutkan. sebab portion dia sangattttt banyakkkkkk. this is the assessment for the syllabus that we've been learning for one and half year. banyakkkkkk gileeeee nak matiiiiiiiiiii..... so kalau pathology tu, the paperII covers all the topics from systemic pathology. so macam susah sgt sebab out of all systems tu, semua nye ade je possibility to come out as a long essay question... cardiovascular system ke, respiratory ke, central nervous system ke, female genital ke, ape2 je laaa... scary okayyyyyy... tak tau nak baca yang mana...

ok lah. lusa exam microbe pulak. dah cukup dah rest. microbiology beginssssssssssss...

p/s : dah lama tak blogging, rase cam pelik je... heheh..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

lazy bum.

i've been spending my time at the library since past few days. pastu hari ni mcm malas la nak g library...sebab malas nak mandi siap2... so i thought takpe, boleh je study kat bilik...

look at me nowwwwwww...it's already 10.31, and i haven't turned over even 1 page pun since 9 tadi.... ape nak jadi niiiiiiii..

blame the technology laa. kejap2 nak download lagu la, kejap2 nak reply email la.. adeeeeeeee jeee..

tak boleh jadi ni.esok memang kena gi library..

okeh okeh. mari baca buku.

Monday, March 2, 2009

my oh my.

i'm sooooo gonna have to start my revision again.

tapi malas macam tak tau nak cakap ape lah ni....

tolong laaaaa... insaf la insaf laaaa..

tapi pikir2 balik, alaa ade few more weeks je lagi, after this i'm sooo done with pathology, microbiology, forensic and most importantly, i'm done with pharmacology! so takpe la susah2 penat2 for a while kan...

insya Allah, kalau takde pape masalah and everything goes well, in april i'm going into the Third Phase of my MBBS, the final phase, which takes me another 2 years, and after that, wallaaaah... the internship! yes yes dah nak habis.. hehe... lambat lagi kot..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

arif is back! yeayyyy!

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