Monday, March 2, 2009

my oh my.

i'm sooooo gonna have to start my revision again.

tapi malas macam tak tau nak cakap ape lah ni....

tolong laaaaa... insaf la insaf laaaa..

tapi pikir2 balik, alaa ade few more weeks je lagi, after this i'm sooo done with pathology, microbiology, forensic and most importantly, i'm done with pharmacology! so takpe la susah2 penat2 for a while kan...

insya Allah, kalau takde pape masalah and everything goes well, in april i'm going into the Third Phase of my MBBS, the final phase, which takes me another 2 years, and after that, wallaaaah... the internship! yes yes dah nak habis.. hehe... lambat lagi kot..


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