Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my sign of aging.

is it just me, or everybody else is having the same problem?

am i getting older?

i don't know why but it seems that my memory is getting poorer and poorer each day. memorising the drug doses seems to be very hard. it used to be easy, memorising was my thing before. i used to be the type of hurry-up-memorize-everything-though-i-dont-understand-it-as-long-as-i-could-spill-everything-out-on-the-question-paper.

sign of aging?

ke sebab asyik makan maggi and minum coke?


ila ni said...

mungkin kite semua makin jarang membaca al-quran kot.. tu sesuatu yg memang undeniable akan keberkesanannya terhadap memori kita. mcla pun menghadapi masalah susah nak ingt jgk.

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