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ok since i am dead bored now, why don't i write about the sexual perversion that i learnt in our forensic medicine class...

why i found this thing interesting is, because everything about it is common to us, it's just that we maybe didn't know what they actually call it, legally. and for some guys, maybe korang tak tau ape yang korang buat tu is actually tak normal.hahaha.. and it amused me too u know, macam tengah baca2 tu feel like ehh ade rupanya orang macam ni... hehe..

ok let's begin.. so these are some of the common sexual perversions..

1. sadism.
this is when a man gets his sexual gratification when he tortures, inflicts pain and humiliates his sexual partner.but this can also be seen in woman. this become medico-legally important when in some cases, the person may get so excited, he may murder the victim, eat the dead body (necrophagia) or rape the corpse (necrophilia).

this is just the opposite of sadism. here, the man gets his sexual gratification when his partner inflicts pain on him. this can also be seen in women. sometimes the woman may invite the man to abuse or torture her..<--korang ingat tak dalam desperate housewives, ex-husband Bree dulu tu, Rex, he's a masochist kan?.. see how i applied what i learnt in class with my hobby? it helps a lot tau!

3. fetishism.
this in seen in males only. here, the man gets his sexual gratification just by seeing some part of the woman or her articles, most commonly her undergarments, shoes, clothes etc. <-- ha yang ni pun ade jugak. yang bree punye ex-boyfriend sekejap tu before she married orson. eh asyik2 bree je yang dapat pervert, kesiannn..

4. transvestism.
this is the desire to wear the clothes of opposite site. hehe ni kita panggil pondan and tomboy ye makcik pakcik.

5. exhibitionist.
the exhibitionist gets pleasure by showing his genitals to women, girls or small children. <---euww, mcla, ingat dok, aku rasa masa ni aku ngan mung, kita gi outing kb, masa tu kita kat stesen bas kb, pastu dale bas sbelah ado makhluk tak siuman ni tunjuk2 benda tu... ingat dok? aku ingat tak ingat, tapi aku rasa benda ni happened maso aku duk scipp, bukan mrsm.

6. scoptophilia.

it is deriving sexual pleasure by watching one's exposed genitalia. <--- i need not say much on this.

7. voyeurism (peeping tom)
it is the repetitive seeking for situations where he can observe person of the opposite sex undressing or taking bath etc. it is also like watching porn movies. <---- ni orang panggil skodeng. ha korang yang tengok porn tu pun, abnormal behavior tu tau!haha..

8. paedophilia.
it is the preferential sexual activity with children. it can be from watching them nude or showing genitalia to them or touching them, and to the extent of raping or sodomy. <--- yang ni banyak kan sekarang? nauzubillah.. of all, i think this is the most disgusting..

9. troilism.

it is when the person obtains sexual gratification by watching his own wife performing intercourse with someone else. <---- apekah????

10. nymphomania.

excessive sexual desire in woman where she enjoys having multiple sexual partners and desires excessive sexual activities.

11. satyriasis.
excessive sexual desire in males who seek for multiple partners or need sex more frequently as compared to normal men.

12. frottteurism.
it is a sexual perversion in which the person gets pleasure by rubbing with bodies of opposite sex like in crowded bus, trains or fairs. they may try to rub their genitalia against bodies of opposite sex. <---ni pun selalu jugak ni kan dalam komuter ke lrt ke. lempang je orang tu kalau you girls happen to be in this situation.takpe, people around you must be on your side.

13. undinism.

the person gets sexual pleasure by watching a person of opposite sex urinating or defecating in public, they may even ask their partner to urinate or defecate on him/her. <--- tak senonoh gila. i think there must be a lot of undinist here in india, considering how they people suka kencing and berak tepi jalan kan?

ok that's all yang stated in my text book, which i think is the most common and necessary for us med students to know.

so guys, which one of these are you?
hahaha.. tak lawak tak lawak..


ila ni said...

yaaaa aku sangat ingattt!!!!

chemmar woh. die adalah seorang pakcik pakcik kalau x silap. rilek je muka sengih-sengih ingatkan kenapalah kan tapi bila terpandang keseluruhan badan, di bhgn tengah itu..errr perlu ke bukak zip tu weh?!!

wei kat india sekotor itukah? kencing berak di tepi jalan? uish!

IRA said...

pnah kene no 5 kat subang. he was on his bike, sempat kan.

elida hanan. said...

ila, haha betul la aku ngn mung and the gang kei masa tuh... eeeiiii geli gilooooooo... and yessss mcla, india mmg sekotor itu. they pee and poop everywhere... tu tk termasuk taik2 anjing lagi.. kalu jalan kaki tepi jln tu, make sure la tgk bwh, kalu dok ade nnt balik kena samak kaki...hehe

tu la kite rase most girls penah experienced this at least once... ramai gile ahh pervert skang ni!!heheh

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

taw x nad tym study bende ni dlu,ade budak kuliah nad tjuk video couple yang undinism..sesi berak memberak terjadi.hahaha..

cop! tertengok je video tu ok.haha..GELI!!!

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