Saturday, April 11, 2009


hurm. hello everyone.

i am back in kelantan since thursday, but haven't got the chance to really enjoy the gooood foooood here, thanks to those tiny little creatures which attacked my tonsils, i'm down with tonsillitis. it started on wednesday night, before going to bed, i suddenly had this sore-throat, quickly gobbled paracetamol and cetirizine, but they didn't help, i woke up on thursday morning shivering with high fever and feeling like my throat was closing i couldn't even swallow the saliva.

dah la semua orang keje. arif keje, kaklong keje. later that night i went back to kb.

day after, the friday morning, the sore-throat is getting worse, i was even awaken few times in the night due to the pain, and right after subuh, abah asked if i want to go to the clinic. yesss please. but since it was early in the morning and we just didn't know where to find 24hours clinic, i decided to just wait until 9am, at least the clinics are opened that time.

went to see the doctor, and he claimed that my tonsils were severely inflammed and there were even abscesses (bernanah). perghh patot la sakit gila nak matiii.

he put me on 4-day course of cephalosporin and alhamdulillah they are getting better now, no more fever, and i can eat better nowww. yeay!!

after all, being home is good! though terpaksa jadi bibik sebab bibik yang betul2 dah balik indon.

esok nak start gi makan2!



effie said...

bibik baru yang balik dari india.
wah wah wah..
lebey bergaya..

selamat makan...
enjoy u school break.. :P

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