Monday, April 6, 2009


helloooo people!

alhamdulillah i'm finally home, safe and sound. but not really home, i'm still in kl actually.

so how's my flight? don't ever ask. i think this is going to be the first and the last time i naik tiger airways ni... flight die ya Allah sempit nyeee... tak muat nak letak kaki, lagi teruk dari air asia..
i couldn't even sleep in the flight from bangalore to singapore sebab tak selesa sangatttt...

but stillll... after all, sampai jugak kat rumah sekarang ni..

ok lah.. too tired to think... i've spent the day walking here and there dekat changi airport tu, pastu kaklong datang ambil kat lcct, then went straight away to midvalley to have our lunch, then back at home, mandi2, arif came over and went out to OU pulak.. my kaki and pinggang are aching everywhere...



IRA said...

i've read ur entry psl tips to study..pergh..takleh nk apply sbb ni last minute sgt..ade tips lain? hahahahahahahaaha

apple [soul]d out said...

ske la tu..
hehe.. welcome home.

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