Friday, May 29, 2009


haihh.. i don't know what is up with me, but i was having this sort of weird dreams lately. nightmares to be exact..

but of course i couldn't recall most of them when i am awake la kan. but i do realize that i wake up sweating and feeling the palpitation of my heart.

the most recent ones were the ones i had last night. and these 2 nightmares i could still recall it clearly, in fact they are still playing in my mind.

mula2, i dreamt about my sister, nuni was shot in her tummy. it seemed like our house was robbed by a guy, and it turned out that my brother knew the guy, and he got so much angry, and he pointed a gun *haha out of nowhere fiqi tiba2 ada gun* towards the robber. pastu the robber pun ada gun jgk, and he just shot the gun towards me, but somehow i sempat mengelak chewah. but the second shot went directly into nuni's tummy and there nuni lying right beside me. and lagi dramatic i was shouting and crying hysterically asking anyone to call for ambulance.

tiba2 aku terjaga. oh rupa2nya aku bermimpi. haha macam karangan upsr tak.

not so long after the kisah tembak menembak, then i had another nightmare.

i can't remember the details but all i know is that something bad happened to umi and i woke up in the morning feeling so exhausted and my pillow was actually basah. mannnnn siap nangis betul2 ke ni.

ok kawan2, so that explains why i was missing in the community medicine class this morning ok. i ended up rolling in my bed reading Eclipse. hehe. 2 nightmares in a row are too much to take up lah. hehe..

mintak2 malam ni tak mimpi dah. tu la tidur selalu lupa nak baca doa.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

migraine no more.

owh dear... i've been having this migraine attack since monday.. and it didn't seem to respond to paracetamol any longer. nimesulide and paracetamol combination didn't help either..

argh tak tahan nye sakittttt... nak tido pun tak boleh. and i'm having the worst photophobic ever... kena duduk dalam gelap je..

since i cannot be missing any more classes nanti macam mana nak wat cuti sendiri balik malaysia kalau asyik ponteng je, so neela decided to bring me to see the doctor today.

and the doctor asked whether i would like further investigation done like CT scan since this is like the worst and longest attack i've had since few years, but i refused. i don't think it is that serious. hehe..

so he prescribed me with stronger meds, naproxen and flunarizine for migraine prophylaxis, to be taken for 1 month! shoooott lama gila kot kena makan ubat.. but this time i think there is no excuse for me to skip my meds, tak nak la kena migraine macam ni lagi...

and after 4 hours good sleep, the pain has *pffffttt*.. gone! alhamdulillahhhhh...

anywaysssss... me and neela were kinda thinking of going back in july. because there will be no community medicine classes for a week, cuma clinical je la. and i am not sure what posting are we supposed to be in masa tu.. and cek tiket MAS tadi rs17700 je.... nak balikkkkkkkkkkkkk...

jom balik malaysia kawan2..

and owh..hari ahad hari tu, i joined few girls and guys pergi Wonder La, a theme park, something like our Sunway Lagoon. and it was FUN! can u believe after 3 years duk kat sini, that was my first time going there, even my super juniors pun dah pergi there at least once. haha. teruk teruk. i think i should spend more time jalan2 here la. after all the place was not so bad at all. it was clean, no hygienic problem at all, bersih di tahap superb la untuk tempat keling ni kan. and knowing me, of course la takde nye nak naik those rides yang terpusing 360 degree and all tu kan. i ended up main2 air kat wet park die je. but that was more than fun ok.. i have few pics to be uploaded, later lah.

ok lah peeps. that's all for now. chows!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


mannnn..penat la sekarang ni...

thank god i think sekarang dah nak masuk musim hujan and it rains almost every night..

syok gile tido.

dah la clinical sekarang ni penat nak matiiiiii... since we are in the 2nd year of clinical already, so the doctors macam expect us to know everything. susah nyeeeee..

penat penat penat. tiap2 hari lenguh kaki and sakit pinggang. can u imagine being on your feet from 8 a.m to 12.30? consider urself as lucky kalau dapat duduk for half an hour or so. dapat duduk sepuluh minit pun rasa nikmat gila.

and by the way, i'm in my 2nd paediatrics posting now. and i like it this time round. ade sorang budak ni chomel gile macam shin chan. dah la naughty. esok nak gi amik gambar ngan dia lah sebab dia dah nak discharge monday ni.

i think i know what i wanna become someday. no it's not OBGYN, definitely not general physician.. i wanna become a PAEDIATRICS SURGEON. cool tak cool tak? cool kan?

ok tu je lah.

ah nak balik malaysia. dah la sekarang ni every week ade org balik, kakak kahwin la, abg kahwin la. semua buat cuti sendiri. balik jugak baru tau!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

crocs for sale.

hey people!

i am helping my eldest sister here. she's selling the crocs, at a very low price . they are surely original ok. bukan yang asadi punye mahupun crogs ataupun frocs. she's getting it straight away from the factory in china, thus explains the cheap prices, beza rm35-45 from retailed price. (serious tak tipu, i went to crocs outlet masa cuti hari tu and mmg betul pun prices die)

so do check it out, ok. kat sini.

tengok tauuu.

pastu jgn tengok je. beliiii yerrrrr..

mummy return.

hello all.

hurm. well, it seems like the blogging mood hasn't returned yet.

or should i just shut it down?

dah malas la pulak nak blogging2 ni.

see..i am always hangat2 taik ayam. taik ayam betul la.

and owh, do you know, india, or bangalore to be exact, is extremely hot and humid these days?

i should have jahit baju kurung cotton banyak2 masa balik hari tu instead of selling them. aishhh things i'd do for money u know.haha..

nak pakai baju cantik2 berlapis2 pegi class memang tak la kan. balik petang dah macam kambing gurun.

tapi hari tu, masa balik msia, panas jugak kan. kat kelantan panas die ya rabbi, dah la tak berangin. at least kat sini, panas tapi berangin..

i think it's global warming. kesian bumi, the ozone is thinning. stop smoking lah people!

ok dah. that's all for now. not bad for a warming up aite?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

selamat hari umi.

happy mother's day umi.
i love u so much...
u've been such a great mum, the greatest and the best...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rindu arif.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

owh i love it.

Rossa feat Pasha Ungu - Terlanjur Cinta

waktu bergulir lambat
merantai langkah perjalanan kita
berjuta cerita terukir dalam
menjadi sebuah dilema

mengertikah engkau
perasaanku tak terhapuskan

malam menangis
tetes embun membasahi mata hatiku
mencoba bertahan di atas puing-puing
cinta yang tlah rapuh

apa yang ku genggam
tak mudah untuk aku lepaskan

aku terlanjur cinta kepadamu
dan tlah kuberikan seluruh hatiku
tapi mengapa baru kini kau pertanyakan cintaku

aku pun tak mengerti yang terjadi
apa salah dan kurang ku padamu
kini terlambat sudah untuk dipersalahkan
karna sekali cinta, aku tetap cinta

mencoba bertahan di atas puing-puing
cinta yang tlah rapuh

apa yang ku genggam
tak mudah untuk aku lepaskan

p/s : somebody please tell me, puing-puing tu ape die?

Friday, May 1, 2009



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