Friday, May 29, 2009


haihh.. i don't know what is up with me, but i was having this sort of weird dreams lately. nightmares to be exact..

but of course i couldn't recall most of them when i am awake la kan. but i do realize that i wake up sweating and feeling the palpitation of my heart.

the most recent ones were the ones i had last night. and these 2 nightmares i could still recall it clearly, in fact they are still playing in my mind.

mula2, i dreamt about my sister, nuni was shot in her tummy. it seemed like our house was robbed by a guy, and it turned out that my brother knew the guy, and he got so much angry, and he pointed a gun *haha out of nowhere fiqi tiba2 ada gun* towards the robber. pastu the robber pun ada gun jgk, and he just shot the gun towards me, but somehow i sempat mengelak chewah. but the second shot went directly into nuni's tummy and there nuni lying right beside me. and lagi dramatic i was shouting and crying hysterically asking anyone to call for ambulance.

tiba2 aku terjaga. oh rupa2nya aku bermimpi. haha macam karangan upsr tak.

not so long after the kisah tembak menembak, then i had another nightmare.

i can't remember the details but all i know is that something bad happened to umi and i woke up in the morning feeling so exhausted and my pillow was actually basah. mannnnn siap nangis betul2 ke ni.

ok kawan2, so that explains why i was missing in the community medicine class this morning ok. i ended up rolling in my bed reading Eclipse. hehe. 2 nightmares in a row are too much to take up lah. hehe..

mintak2 malam ni tak mimpi dah. tu la tidur selalu lupa nak baca doa.


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