Sunday, June 21, 2009

birthday girl no more~~

last night was a blast!
thanks neela, anies, seti, amal, izzah, ain, maba, asri and muhaimin for the great night u threw me. seriously terharu sangat ok.

i'm so blessed to have wonderful friends macam korang ok.

and arif too. u surprised me again. seriously i didn't expect anything from u. when i received a call from a stranger saying that he's on his way to deliver a cake from u, i almost burst into tears. and tengok2 ada bunga sekali. thank u thank u dear.

thank u syg, it's beautiful, as beautiful as our love. hihi.

and owh, a million thanks to aha, tinie, khairun, fara, yulie, ella, husna and achik for the makan2 just now. thanks aha sebab sanggup masak.

after all, this is the most wonderful birthday ever.

thank u god for everything.

p/s : more pics dekat facebook la eh.malas nak upload byk2 kali.



Fefey said...

dari hari tu lagi aku duk heran, cane arif hantar bunga and cake to u..

elida hanan. said...

online la. paid guna credit card kot. ask him, he's done that for several times already, aku tny bknnye dia nk oyak dia cari mano,

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