Tuesday, June 9, 2009

meet my new love.


meet my new boyfriend, Edward Cullens.

isn't he cute? ;P

alhamdulillah. got it yesterday evening. pagi tadi dah bwk g clinical. syiokkkkkk.

thank you so much abah, umi, kaklong and kakliz. thank you thank you! thank you for making it happened in just one week! i owe u guys a lot!

and owh, excuse the quality of the pics. taken during the night. takde lampu kat basement. segan la nak amik gamba siang2.hehe..

later i'll put some better photos in case abah nak tengok.


Fefey said...

wow weee! u know what, referring to ur comment in last entry, i shud go visit u..by next year ! maybe in April or May next year ill finish my degree..ooohh sweet, kena menabung nih!

btw, ur car cuter than mine, demm

Naxerul aka BoBo said...


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