Friday, July 17, 2009

acute appendicitis

1 year back i was once suspected to have acute appendicitis, during which the surgeon suggested me to undergo the surgery right away, but i refused. and alhamdulillah the pain subsided after some medications.

and now, i think i'm having the same symptoms. sakitttttttttt~~~

kena balik ke????

or is it just angin???

nauzubillah mintak2 angin je....


IRA said...

i've undergone surgery for acute appendicitis mase form 1 ;p minor surgery je tp agak sakit la heheh eh tapi kalau btul appendix wajib la surgery tauuuu!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

Ayyoo.klau jd infiltrate cne? The risk nk perforation pon ade. I think u shud go and check and MUST operate laa klau btol2 appndcts. hehehe

elida hanan. said...

nad and ira, its a false alarm. haha..

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