Monday, October 19, 2009

a short one.

hey all!!

it's deepavali here, and u know, like our raya in malaysia, diorang kat sini pun main mercun yang tak ingat dunia tu. and mercun kat sini is legal, during festivals of course.

and we have cuti 3 days in a row since saturday, which is heaven u know! haven't had long weekends since april i guess, u can imagine how good it feels kan. bangun pagi tadi dah tak tau nak buat apa dah.

anyhoo, last night me and some friends turun padang main mercun jugak. which was super duper funnnnn!!

tengok vids kat facebook je la eh..

btw, i just can't stop listening to already gone by kelly clarkson.


IRA said...

aaaa thats my current fav tooo! alredy gone by kelly!!

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