Sunday, November 8, 2009


and owh.. on the other hand.. 3rd internals will be held in early january, and the finals are going to be somewhere in march. meaninggggg, i should start my revision soon, like very very very sooooonnn as in i should have started by now. haishhhh.

saya rasa saya patut ke library setiap sabtu seperti dulu kala.

anyway, in this coming final, i'll be sitting for community medicine, ophthalmology and ENT... memang subjects yang scary yang amat lah.

and just so you know, sekarang ni kalau kitorang go for re-sit, we have to pay for the fee ourselves, mara wont be paying for it anymore, and each paper will cost us thousands of ringgit, depending on what subject. gilo apo baik simpan duit ribu-riban tu buat kawin kan. ok study sekarang.


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