Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy 2010!

happy new year everyone!

so many ups and downs i have been through in 2009, of which i will not be listing out here, but of all, i am sooooooo happy and proud with our relationship, and insya Allah kalau dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan, we are taking our relationship to the next level in this brand new 2010!

and i am sooooo excited!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


hai guys!

i was not feeling well these few days, i guess this homesick thingy is really making me fall sick hehe.
i had the end-of-posting exam for ophthalmology today, and this will be our last ophthal posting since we're sitting for the final this coming march. lepas tu, so long OPHTHALMOLOGY!

anyway, what brings me to write today is because of what happened to us this afternoon. we were in the middle of our lecture when dr murthi had to interrupt and instructed us to go back home right away, and the bus had already arrived to bring us. he told that there was a riot going on on the road and we're told not to go out today. macam scary je kan. and kitorang yang ada transport sendiri ni dia siap suruh ikut bontot bas la to make sure nothing will happen. takut tak takut tak? tapi kitorang tak ikut bas pun, just jalan ramai2 je and alhamdulillah selamat la sampai rumah.

and along the way from the hospital to my place, kitorang tengok la semua kedai pun tutup. and there were stories saying that some people were throwing stones la into the kedai yang tak tutup tu. even mcdonalds pun tutup and there was a friend of mine kena kurung dalam kedai sebab tak sempat keluar pastu kedai tutup. hihi

so when i reached home, i went to a mobile store nearby to get my hp recharged (kedai kat kawasan rumah kitorang tak tutup sebab rumah kitorang dah kat dalam2 so org2 gila tu tak tau kot). so i tanya la makcik recharge tu, what actually happened kan. to tell u the truthhhhh...

apparently, one of the karnataka "superstar" died today due to heart attack, and they were throwing the riot to pay respect to him. like what the helllllllll?????? pelakon korang mati, korang nak merusuh2 apesal la bodohhhhhhhhhhhh. kau merusuh la lapan belas tahun pun takdenye orang tu nak hidup balik la bangang. can u imagine how stupid these people are? eeee tak boleh nak describe la macam mana amazed nye kitorang dengan kebodohan diorang ni.

korang boleh imagine tak, sebab sorang pelakon mati, semua kerja has to be stalled, semua kedai tutup, i am not sure about the banks and offices. but tak ke benda tu semua merugikan diorang sendiri? patut la tak maju, bangang sangat,

but us, on the other hand, mesti la enjoyyyy kan. dapat balik awal kotttt. dah la i was sleepy like badak sumbu in the class after gobbling sebijik anti histamine, tau2 dr murthi suruh balik sekarang, terus bangun terpacak la kan. huuuiii seronok kot, kalau tiap2 hari ade pelakon diorang mati kan bagusssss.


tu baru karnataka punye superstar, entah super dekat mana la kan berlakon pun pakai kain pelikat tak pakai baju. cuba korang imagine apa akan jadi kalo shah rukh khan mati? setahun kot kitorang cuti. haha

p/s: karnataka is a state of india, in which bangalore belongs to.

Monday, December 28, 2009

aaaaa this is gonna sound mengada2 but i dont care its my blog korang nak baca, baca. taknak baca sudah.... i'm soooo homesick sangat la nak balikkkkk.. its like my otak has been completely blocked by somekind of this feeling pastu takleh nak baca buku pun... aaaaa aaaa aaaaaa... nak nangis je ni.. but i actually got my ticket to go back already haha im just mengada tak sabar nak tunggu tarikh balik je ni. ada 12 hari je lagi woot woot!!


am so homesick wanna go home sooooo badly.... the best deal i could get will cost me around rm1000,pretty cheap isn't it? but i'm gonna have to transit in singapore, then change the airline etc..

should i go back? berbaloi kah?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

the one with no title.

well it seems like everyone is talking about new resolution. i won't be making any since the old resolution pun entah ke mana kan.

butttt, of all, i would really really want to save a lot of moneyyyyy. for what the money is tu belakang kira. u know like when u have a lot of money, everything seems possible kan. yeah yeah i know money won't buy everything la happiness la, but at least it can cure my sadness. hurm entah ape la merepek ni kan.

anyway, i've been very busy lately with ophthalmology presentation and stuffs. and i am trying to get my lazy ass into the study hard mode again tapi mcm impossible je. with the cold weather, it's very hard to stay up late at night and u know me, to get up early in the morning is another impossible thing to do la kan.

and yes, it's almost 2010 and believe it or not, i'm 24 next year! a perfect age to get married don't you think haha dah dah korang jgn nak buat cerita pastu sibuk2 duk tanya kat kelas ok.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

kesian saya.

hello everyone!

i was wide awake at 5am today as i've been sleeping for almost 12 hours. yes, it happens when u don't have to get up for prayers ;p

ah it's only 19th of the month, and i cant barely wait for its end. I AM TOTALLY BROKE! yeah i do have some saving, and i can just borrow it sekejap and nanti bayar balik bila duit masuk, but u know macam tak best je tengok duit saving jadi makin sikit. :(

so many unfortunate things happening around me this month, that explains everything. kena tukar battery kereta la, then the tyre macam flat then i had to replace the tube, then i've started using HL again (wait, that's not an unfortunate event kan hehe)... pastu buat pulak hari tu masa duit masuk the USD rate went down, so duit macam dapat kurang from usual.

and our 3rd internal assessment which i was freaking out of this few weeks have been postponed to february! clap clap. which brings me to another point, nak balik malaysia la macam niiiiii. this means i can go back la this early jan kan. but the ticket was freakingly mahal la pulak. terpaksa tahan je la kan :( unless tiba2 je elaun buku masuk ;p USD 550 you allll! haha kecoh je. macam dapat sejuta je.

tension la macam ni. semua juniors dah balik. tinggal my batch je terhegeh2 kena pergi class. kesian kan kitorang. dah la nak tengok Avatar pastu tiket dah sold out, pastu rasa macam nak tengok New Moon lagi sekali, tapi tiket still mahal lagi, so tunggu la lama2 skit lagi so that the tiket dah murah. tengok, orang dah miskin tau nak tengok wayang pun kena tunggu tiket murah. kesian tak kesian tak?

ok la people, nak makan biskut marie cicah nescafe. kesian kan orang miskin. :(

dear parents, help ur daughter please.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


another 3 weeks left for the third IA. omg omg.

do u think there is any way that i can finish covering ophthalmology, ENT and community medicine in the given time?????

semua chapter pulak tuuu.


mati la mati la.

and btw, im going to watch new moon this friday!!! lame, i know. ahh tak kisah la orang lain dah lama tengok. kata kat india baru keluar. yang penting is i already booked the ticket!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


do u know how it feels when ur past keeps haunting u back?

i do, and it sucks. trust me.

it was a one time mistake, which i regret a lot, and it hits me now and then, to see my loved ones hurt because of it.

to those i love, i wish i could tell u how sorry i am. u know, if i could turn back the time, that mistake will be the only thing i would want to change.

but that was it, things already happened, and i am regretting it till the end of my life, i swear.

i'm still amazed of how stupid i could be, and i should have been more realistic.

to arif and my family, i am so sorry, i really am.

dan saya rasa seperti mahu membunuh orang.

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