Sunday, December 6, 2009


do u know how it feels when ur past keeps haunting u back?

i do, and it sucks. trust me.

it was a one time mistake, which i regret a lot, and it hits me now and then, to see my loved ones hurt because of it.

to those i love, i wish i could tell u how sorry i am. u know, if i could turn back the time, that mistake will be the only thing i would want to change.

but that was it, things already happened, and i am regretting it till the end of my life, i swear.

i'm still amazed of how stupid i could be, and i should have been more realistic.

to arif and my family, i am so sorry, i really am.

dan saya rasa seperti mahu membunuh orang.


S.u.F.e.E said...

yes.. babe

life is sucks sumtimes,
especially when we're haunted with our past! shitto kan?

BUT, without our past, we might not becoming what we r today

so, butakan mata, pekakkan telinga, pegi la mati semua2 yang tak best tu.

we r heading to our bright and precious future, aite?

all the best!

elida hanan. said...

hurm. coming to think about it, we are what we are today all because of the past kan.
and yeah tell me about butakan mata and pekakkan telinga, im best at it.

anyway thanks sis!

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