Saturday, December 19, 2009

kesian saya.

hello everyone!

i was wide awake at 5am today as i've been sleeping for almost 12 hours. yes, it happens when u don't have to get up for prayers ;p

ah it's only 19th of the month, and i cant barely wait for its end. I AM TOTALLY BROKE! yeah i do have some saving, and i can just borrow it sekejap and nanti bayar balik bila duit masuk, but u know macam tak best je tengok duit saving jadi makin sikit. :(

so many unfortunate things happening around me this month, that explains everything. kena tukar battery kereta la, then the tyre macam flat then i had to replace the tube, then i've started using HL again (wait, that's not an unfortunate event kan hehe)... pastu buat pulak hari tu masa duit masuk the USD rate went down, so duit macam dapat kurang from usual.

and our 3rd internal assessment which i was freaking out of this few weeks have been postponed to february! clap clap. which brings me to another point, nak balik malaysia la macam niiiiii. this means i can go back la this early jan kan. but the ticket was freakingly mahal la pulak. terpaksa tahan je la kan :( unless tiba2 je elaun buku masuk ;p USD 550 you allll! haha kecoh je. macam dapat sejuta je.

tension la macam ni. semua juniors dah balik. tinggal my batch je terhegeh2 kena pergi class. kesian kan kitorang. dah la nak tengok Avatar pastu tiket dah sold out, pastu rasa macam nak tengok New Moon lagi sekali, tapi tiket still mahal lagi, so tunggu la lama2 skit lagi so that the tiket dah murah. tengok, orang dah miskin tau nak tengok wayang pun kena tunggu tiket murah. kesian tak kesian tak?

ok la people, nak makan biskut marie cicah nescafe. kesian kan orang miskin. :(

dear parents, help ur daughter please.

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