Saturday, December 26, 2009

the one with no title.

well it seems like everyone is talking about new resolution. i won't be making any since the old resolution pun entah ke mana kan.

butttt, of all, i would really really want to save a lot of moneyyyyy. for what the money is tu belakang kira. u know like when u have a lot of money, everything seems possible kan. yeah yeah i know money won't buy everything la happiness la, but at least it can cure my sadness. hurm entah ape la merepek ni kan.

anyway, i've been very busy lately with ophthalmology presentation and stuffs. and i am trying to get my lazy ass into the study hard mode again tapi mcm impossible je. with the cold weather, it's very hard to stay up late at night and u know me, to get up early in the morning is another impossible thing to do la kan.

and yes, it's almost 2010 and believe it or not, i'm 24 next year! a perfect age to get married don't you think haha dah dah korang jgn nak buat cerita pastu sibuk2 duk tanya kat kelas ok.



Arif Sayven said...

ade azam tahun lepas yg tak buat2 pun..

elida hanan. said...

thats what i said kannnnn.. azam thn lepas pun tk buat2..

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