Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hello everyone.

i'm back in india. but still not in the real mood to blog.
lagipun takde benda nak diblogkan lagi.
nantila bila ade benda saya nak kutuk ke, bebel ke, i'll start blogging again.


Friday, April 24, 2009

big YEAY!

new pink sony vaio to replace my tak guna compaq! yeay!

thank you parents!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'm in facebook people!

ok ok so after being asked, pushed, told, forced, influenced etc2 by soooooo many people... i finally signed up for facebook account!

muahahahaha lame i know, orang dah ages ade facebook, i baru nak terhegeh2, but mind you i was just avoiding more distraction ok! but since i am now a desperate housewife, why not signing up now kan?

so people, add me now jugak tak kire!


ok moving on.

well, i've been staying at home with my dad and lil brother alone for a week, since mum and kakliz are working in pasir puteh, so they decided to just stay there during weekdays and only come back on weekends. and bibik has gone home. so the house is as expected, macam kapal pecah..

first 2 days i was home, i slept outside in the living room, because my bedroom *sigh i don't know if u can ever call it a bedroom* was more like a storage room i think.. since then, i slept in abah's room every night..

so yesterday, i was tergolek2 dah bosan tak tau nak buat ape, so i started cleaning the house. OMFG, cleaning my room alone took me half the day, ingat nak kemas bilik bibik sekali, but then after finishing my room terus dah nak pengsan. can u imagine how the room was if i tell u i loaded the sampah in the car nak gi buang and they took one whole harrier? and the room was very2 small macam satu bilik kat mrsm dulu je. kalau bilik tu besar boleh terima la jugak banyak sampah kan..

and later that night i continued cleaning parts by parts in bibik's room. OMG OMG OMG. hah yang ni lagi banyak sampah. hurm malas dah la nak cerita berapa banyak sampah die, but the point is... i think i can be a good housewife la someday. hahah tetibe. tapi betolll. umi came back this evening pun terkejut tengok rumah dah kemas. feewitttt. arif boleh dah nak masuk meminang. ok ok i digresesed hehe.

tapi serious macam best lah jadi housewife. like u wake up at 630 in the morning, then siap2 anak and husband pegi sekolah and keje, pastu kalau i feel like nak sambung tido ke, tido la jap, then wake up, kemas2 rumah, do the laundry, pastu tengah hari masak la tapi husband mesti la makan kat ofis kan, so ambik anak balik sekolah, tapau la KFC ke McD ke, hehe.. pastu balik, suh anak tido ye la penat kan baru balik sekolah, then i duk melepak baca buku cerita sambil layan cite indon kat tv3 *btw, sape tengok upik abu dan laura? kelakar ok!*... wah bahagianya hidup..

gile takde cita-cita nak jadi housewife je..

ok lah. penat merepek. lame kan saya tak merepek. biasa la baru jadi surirumah lah katakan. tengah menyesuaikan diri lagi. hehe.

by the wayyyyy..

esok i'm leaving to perlis to pick up my lil sister nuni. she's done with the matriculation. meaning, when i come back to india beberapa hari lagi, nuni will take over the surirumah job. *ye ke?*

ok lah gotta sleep esok kena bangun awal. hurm tak tau lagi malam ni nak tido bilik sape sebab bilik sendiri dah kemas sangat sayang pulak nak tido kat situ. boleh macam tu?

ok tata!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy anniversary to us.

we are one year todayyyyyyyyy....

alhamdulillah, one good year passed by, and we are still strong and so much in love..

like arif said, macam sekejap je, tengok2 dah setahun we are officially 'together'..

alhamdulillah syukur sangat2... i couldn't say more to show my gratitude for having him in my life..

i don't know how to describe it better, but loving arif is simply the best feeling i've ever felt..

having him around, though without saying a word, without doing anything, is more than enough for me to feel complete. we could stay hours in the car not knowing where to head to, his presence is just everything i need, i won't ask for more.

i love u. and i miss u.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


hurm. hello everyone.

i am back in kelantan since thursday, but haven't got the chance to really enjoy the gooood foooood here, thanks to those tiny little creatures which attacked my tonsils, i'm down with tonsillitis. it started on wednesday night, before going to bed, i suddenly had this sore-throat, quickly gobbled paracetamol and cetirizine, but they didn't help, i woke up on thursday morning shivering with high fever and feeling like my throat was closing i couldn't even swallow the saliva.

dah la semua orang keje. arif keje, kaklong keje. later that night i went back to kb.

day after, the friday morning, the sore-throat is getting worse, i was even awaken few times in the night due to the pain, and right after subuh, abah asked if i want to go to the clinic. yesss please. but since it was early in the morning and we just didn't know where to find 24hours clinic, i decided to just wait until 9am, at least the clinics are opened that time.

went to see the doctor, and he claimed that my tonsils were severely inflammed and there were even abscesses (bernanah). perghh patot la sakit gila nak matiii.

he put me on 4-day course of cephalosporin and alhamdulillah they are getting better now, no more fever, and i can eat better nowww. yeay!!

after all, being home is good! though terpaksa jadi bibik sebab bibik yang betul2 dah balik indon.

esok nak start gi makan2!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

happy birthday sweetheart.


semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki dan sihat2 selalu..

i hope u did enjoy urself last night.. i love u, more and more each day... mwah!

Monday, April 6, 2009


helloooo people!

alhamdulillah i'm finally home, safe and sound. but not really home, i'm still in kl actually.

so how's my flight? don't ever ask. i think this is going to be the first and the last time i naik tiger airways ni... flight die ya Allah sempit nyeee... tak muat nak letak kaki, lagi teruk dari air asia..
i couldn't even sleep in the flight from bangalore to singapore sebab tak selesa sangatttt...

but stillll... after all, sampai jugak kat rumah sekarang ni..

ok lah.. too tired to think... i've spent the day walking here and there dekat changi airport tu, pastu kaklong datang ambil kat lcct, then went straight away to midvalley to have our lunch, then back at home, mandi2, arif came over and went out to OU pulak.. my kaki and pinggang are aching everywhere...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

my babyyyyy...

this is my baby.. i just gave birth to her ( errr ker him? her la best sikit) last friday...

mummy loves u baby.. mummy tau sekarang ni baby bogel je takde baju kan, tapi takpe, mummy janji malam ni kite naik flight, mummy jaga baby betul2, mummy will make sure that u will never get scratched even sebesar kuman.. ok baby? don't worry, mummy will guard u with my life..

mummy promise u baby, tomorrow when we reach kl, nanti kita heret daddy gi cari baju and screen protector untuk baby first thing ok? lepas tu baru lah tenang hati mummy nak gedik2 ngan daddy.. hehe..

tapi baby kena la behave baik2, baby jangan la nak terjatuh ke ape ke, tau saje la mummy ni clumsy, tapi baby kena la duk diam2 ok?

ok la baby, mummy nak sambung packing ni, baby tau kan, malam ni kan kita nak balik malaysia dah... esok kita boleh jumpa daddy... tapi lambat sikit kot baru boleh jumpa daddy, sebab daddy tu tak excited pun nak jumpa kita, takpe la baby kan, nanti baby punya aunty, ciklong datang ambik kita kat airport..

mummy tau baby pun excited nak balik kan kan? ye la baby tak pernah balik malaysia lagi kan? mummy kena bwk baby balik cepat2, mummy takut nanti baby jadi perangai cam keling, behave like keling pastu jadi comot and busuk.. baby mummy mana boleh macam tuuuu...

ok lah baby.. jom teman mummy sambung packing ok..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

adik adik sekalian..


hari ni rasa macam bahagia.. eh tiap2 hari pun bahagia, tapi hari ni lebih sikit bahagia die, sebab boleh duk rileks je tanpa perlu pikir nak study... syokkk gilerrr... after 2 months otak duk tuned pasal study je...

ok2.. since i'm in this chirpy2 mood, i think i wanna give some tips lah to my juniors..since they are having their first internals in few more weeks..

tapi jgn percaya sgt, u know i was not that good, but these are just my point of view which i think might help u guys out during ur study, because i of all people should know better macam mana susahnya nak study all those subjects..

firstly, my advice is, korang kena score the internals, sebab dia punya carry mark will help u a lot in the finals nanti. macam ni, nanti final, the total mark will be 100 (internals) + 200 (from the final exam) = 300. say u scored 70/100 for the internals, meaning u guys have to get only 80/200 for the finals untuk lulus (150/300), meaning only 40/100 for each paper 1 and 2.. so seteruk2 mana pun korang perform in the finals, if ur carry marks are good, u don't have to worry much.

paham tak? kalau tak paham baca byk2 kali, sebab i don't know how to explain better.. hehe..

ok moving on..

pathology.. well yang ni i just nak cakap. korang kena baca question bank. sebab all the questions diorang ambik from that book. kan dekat question bank tu die tulis kan kat each question dah berape kali soalan tu dah keluar kan. haa make sure korang hafal betol2 mana2 soalan yang frequently came out. yang tu la favourite questions dia. tapi before baca question bank tu, baca la dulu topic tu. kalau malas nak sangat nak baca robbins (macam saya) or macam dah tak sempat, baca jer slide powerpoint yg lecture tu. especially yang dr.barathi punye, sebab hers is like the simplified form of the robbins tu, so korang akan concentrate more on those necessary je, takde la duk spend masa baca benda yang tak penting sgt.. and owh, korang kena score jugak yang monthly tests yang diorang selalu buat tu, sebab nanti benda alah tu pun carry a lot of marks.. jgn ponteng tests tu.. rugi je nanti!

microbiology... yang ni.. hurm... dr rajgopal pun ade bagi question bank kan? ha jawab all the questions, and hafal betul2 all the answers. soalan dia memang dia ambil dari situ je.. microbiology should be easy kalau korang study according to questions yang dia bagi tu...

forensic medicine... yang ni tak susah sgt kan... lagi pun korang tak belajar lagi toxicology.. owh one thing, make sure u guys own the small mcq book tu, and jwb semua soalan tu. sebab masa kitorang dulu, first and second internals, dr sowdy ambil soalan dari buku tu completely.. kalau korang guna buku tu, mesti dapat 100% for mcqs... hehe serious tak tipu... during my second internals, i tak sempat nak baca buku tu, tapi 5 minutes before the exam, i just ticked all the answers and then baca je jawapan, without reading the questions, sebab dah tak sempat, but it helped a lot ok. so kalau korang sempat baca and buat betul2 soalan dlm buku tu, insyaAllah kalau dr sowdy still guna buku tu, korang mesti boleh jawab nanti.. tapi kalau nanti dr sowdy tak ambil soalan dari buku tu, jgn marah saya pulak eh.. sebab hari tu masa final, takde satu pun soalan yang die ambil dari buku tu.. semua orang pun cam tension..hehehe..

and lassssttt but of course not the least one.... pharmacology... ok... honestly, i tell u guys, only few weeks before the 3rd internals baru i boleh get on track macam mana nak study pharmac ni.. firstly, jangan tido dalam kelas dr ramesh... mengantuk lah macam tahap gorilla pun, korang jgn tido, salin semua notes dia tu.. and kalau korang study only those notes for the exams pun dah enough actually if u want to pass... tp kalau nak berjaya dengan cemerlang kena la baca tripathi ke satoskar ke.. pastu, jawab jugak soalan mcq yang dia selalu put up on the notice board tu.. make sure korang keep up with those questions ok.. ada byk jugak soalan yang dia ambil from those mcqs tu.. and yes, DO NOT DITCH those seminars and tutorials ok. itu adalah continous assessment, so even korang dtg je, without going to the front to present pun, korang still dapat markah. jangan ponteng ok. i know later at some point, mesti korang rasa naaaak sangat ponteng sebab tak sempat nak prepare semua tu kan, plus the clinicals semua tu, pastu ngan dr ramesh yang scary die ya rabbi tuhan je tahu... tapi korang kena pergi jugakkkkk... takpe, kalau kena marah pun, kena marah dalam kelas tu je pun.. macam la tak biasa kena marah kan? buat bodoh je no matter what horrible thing he said to u, dont take it to ur heart pastu terus yang mcm ahh malas la nak gi seminar dr ramesh pasnii.. DON'T be like that haaa..

ok that's all i can think of for now. let's see macam mana my result nanti, if they turn out good, nanti i bagi pulak my personal tips ok. kalau they are not so good, i just keep them to myself ok. but so far i think, kalau korang nak pass je, follow those above rules are enough.. and doa banyak2 of course!


Friday, April 3, 2009


hai kawan2..

alhamdulillah, thank u for all the support, i finally passed my 2nd MBBS professional exam, and insyaAllah at the end of this month, i'll be starting my full-time clinical subjects, meaning no more Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine.

though the details of the result has not yet been released, but knowing that i've passed is enough.. at least it gives me some peace of mind..

can you believe it, few months back i was freaking out with pharmacology and all, and now, i am officially done with it? thank you god, alhamdulillah sangat2..

saya sangat happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

and yeay, adding to the happiness, i just got myself a freakingly awesome IPOD TOUCH!!!!! weeeee~~~ omg, it's like so coooooooool... ye la kalau nak compare with my ipod nano tu kan... seriously... i can't stop myself from being like waaaa..fuyyyooo from time to time as i am godek2-ing it... syok gile wehhhh.. tapi still macam scary gile sebab dia takde screen protector and takde baju lagi..so i have to restrain myself from being stupidly clumsy... nanti esok saya letak gambar my new baby okay...

anywayyy... some of my friends are already going back tonight..huk huk jealousnye..

i've spent one whole day today accompanying neela to get something new to wear untuk balik nanti, hehe gedik kan nak balik pun kena beli baju baru.. and umi pesan me to buy 50 shawls for her teachers..omg penat gile nak beli 50 shawls kena pilih one by one... and yg paling tak tahan that thing is like ridiculously heavyyyyyy... nak patah bahu... umi definitely has to upah me well after this... dah la panasnyeee.... heeee~~~ hehe..

and tomorrow i'm going out again to find kain yang kaklong pesan pulakk.. adeiii...

bilik pun tak kemas lagi.. i think i'm going to tidy up the room along when i'm packing my stuffs to go back this sunday... sangat la tak larat sekarang ni... like banyak gile cerita to watch, and then nak godek2 ipod lagi, pastu i've just started to read twilight, and sangat2 best... pastu nak basuh baju lagi... baaaaanyak sangat benda nak buat tertangguh2 ni....

ok lah this is just my rambling. tak worth pun korang baca... hehe..


to the class of 2006-2012 MBBS, yeayyyyyyy we made it through!!!! congratulations guysssssssss!!! let's have fun in malaysia!!! and to those who are not going back, come on find your own way to have fun here okay!!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hip hip hoorey.

i am officially rich! yeayyyy!

elaun buku & perkakas USD770 + april allowance USD700 = USD1470. do ur own maths.


alangkah bahagianya hidup kalau macam ni selalu.

alhamdulillah. mekaseh MARA walaupun delay 6 bulan sampai saya pun dah tak berharap nak dapat duit buku..

first target-------> IPOD TOUCH!! yeah baby!

it is overrrrrrrrrrrrr.


yeah yeah!

tak sabar nak balik pulakkk..


III Internal assessment :

monday 16th feb - pathology I theory.
tuesday 17th feb - pathology II theory.
wed 18th feb - microbiology I theory.
thurs 19th feb - microbiology II theory.
friday 20th - forensic medicine I and II theory.
monday 23rd - pharmacology I theory.
tuesday 24th - pharmacology II theory.
wed 25th - practical.
thurs 26th - practical.
friday 27th - practical.
saturday 28th - practical.

1st march - 15th march - study leave


monday 16th march : pathology I theory.
tuesday 17th march : pathology II theory.
thursday 19th : microbiology I theory.
friday 20th : microbiology II theory.
monday 23rd : pharmacology I theory.
tuesday 24th : pharmacology II theory.
thursday 26th : forensic medicine theory.
monday 30th : pathology practical.
tuesday 31st : forensic medicine practical.
wednesday 1st april : pharmacology practical.
thursday 2nd april : microbiology practical.


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