Thursday, January 28, 2010

my answers to ur questions.

arif and i had a heart to heart conversation just now.. and he asked me questions, which i swear i have the answers, so many answers, but i just couldn't say it out loud..

will i become a good WIFE to him?

and my answer was only insya Allah.

i know we both have no idea how it is going to be 'di alam rumah tangga' nanti, tapi saya yakin, if we are doing it together, it will be nothing but great. i know it is not going to be easy, but to be a good wife to u i will try my best..

and will i become a good MOTHER to ur children?

insya Allah. it is way too early for me to be talking about this, but i guess if i am about to become ur wife, then it is going to be a part of my responsibilities to u isn't it?

and dear, maybe this is not the answer u were expecting, but i know, deep down inside, u know how i feel about u, about us and about this kan?

sumpah i am not good with words, cakap susah, tulis pun susah.

and now i am staring at the window blankly, with so many thoughts tapi tak boleh nak luahkan.

tu je la kot.

and owh, tak tak, kitorang bukan nye nak kawin lagi, lambat lagi. step by step ok.


Anonymous said...

i truly understand ur feelings..
p/s- goodluck exam!

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