Thursday, January 7, 2010

of positive and negative.

saya tak suka la dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang hangin niiii. dah la kita tak tau pape, pastu tengok2 dia tengah hangin, taktau hangin kat sape pulak tu.
i don't know about others, but if it's me, bila tengok orang tu tengah hangin, especially someone that is closed to us, then we have no idea what it is about, i tend to question myself, is she/he angry at me? did i do something wrong to her/him? it is bad enough that i have to see the face yang masam mencuka, then i have to wonder to myself pulak tu kan.
tak suka la. boleh tak emo sorang2 je jangan affect others? u know, it's like i was having a good day all along tiba2 dia datang nak emo2 terus ruined ur mood hence ur day.
tak suka tau. like we used to say when i was talking with the girls the other day, it's like ur being surrounded by negativities. which i don't like!

on a different note, takpe2.. ada dua hari lagi nak balik. on saturday i'll be leaving this place yang penuh dengan sifat2 negatif ini dan kembali ke malaysia ke pangkuan orang2 yang positif! yessssssss bai korang baii!


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