Saturday, February 27, 2010

ophthalmology overdose.

hello people!

yeay, the class is literally over for the semester, only few revision classes here and there je, otherwise we are all free! free in the sense to do our own revision la, bukan free duk melepak je.

just so you know, i'll be sitting for community medicine, ophthalmology and ENT papers in the next few weeks.

and i must say, i am definitely considering ENT as one of the areas for me to specialize nanti, other than paediatrics.

speaking of exams ni, i think my brain is really working hard right now. they say, *the textbook actually says* , when we are sleeping, our brain is actually working to process and consolidate our memories, like what we learnt during the day, in the night when we're sleeping, the brain will actually process the information and turn them into something that melekat dalam otak lah orang kata. macam tu lah lebih kurang.

hurm lupa dah nak cerita apa tadi.

ha. ni ha. nak cakap nya, i think my brain mesti tgh process gila2 ophthal punya info nih, sebab in a week, dah dua kali kot saya mimpi pasal ophthal.

earlier this week, sy mimpi sy kena retinoblastoma, like i woke up in the morning, pastu mata macam dah nak jadi buta, nampak sikit2 je, pastu when i looked at the mirror, there was a large tumor fungating out through my eyeball, just exactly like how it was in the text book. pastu semua orang pun dah siap gelabah2 mengucap panjang semua, nak buat macam mana ni elidaaaaaa... sah dah ni retinoblastoma... pastu tiba2 terjaga. rasa macam.... apekahhhhhhhh??? takde benda lain ke nak mimpi ni ha?

and last night, mimpi lagi. kali ni mimpi dah balik malaysia, kat rumah. masa tu baru je sampai rumah rasanya. pastu sampai2 je terus la pergi nak tengok adelia *my new niece*, pastu tengok2 adelia ada keratoconus.

ni la keratoconus.

pastu tak tahan nye, siap ambik torch light then demonstrate kat kakliz, tengok ni adelia ada deep anterior chamber ni. hahaha.

ape hal la kan.

tapi nasib baik la jugak dia mimpi pasal ophthal kan, rather than mimpi pasal community medicine tu ke, buatnye tetiba mimpi abah nak disinfect perigi kat rumah ke, pastu tiba2 ajar abah macam mana nak disinfect the well, mula2 kita kira volume of the well, pastu using horrock's apparatus bla bla bla kan. tak ke ngeri tu. hehe..takpun mimpi pasal septic tank kat rumah tu ke. haha

hurm ape lagi ah nak cakap? tu je kot. tata.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the preps.

hi all!

hurm. i've been wanting to blog about so many things, but when the time comes, everything just *pffft* away. haishh..

anyway, i had a conversation with a new friend on fb chat last night, and she claimed that she's been reading my blog for a while, and so she congratulated me on the being 'dirisik' thingy. well, i have this kind of negative perception and trust issues towards strangers u know, but when she added me on the fb and sent me a msg introducing herself, i said to myself, it wont do any harm to make new friends isn't it, and it turned out so well.. some people are just born to be nice kan?

part of the conversation was about my preparation for the engagement ceremony nanti. ye la, sape yang buat semua tu kan. to be frank, this is kinda freaking me out jugak. the only thing that is done is my baju je, (which i love sangat2 hehe) and owh we already booked the pelamin and make up. tu je la. the hantaran and all semua tak beli lagi. cincin pun tak. bila pikir2, i'll be coming back home a week before the majlis, rasa2 sempat ke ah? we plan to do the hantaran all by ourselves since i've always trusted umi's and my sister's creativity. so i have roughly one week, to buy all the things for hantaran, and nak gubah2 semua tu. haha gile kentang lah macam tak sempat je. hehe

ahhh this reminds me of something, i have yet to send umi an email of the ring design for arif. haihhh and i have to remind arif to pass to my parents a sample ring for the size measurement. hurm hurm..

and owh i am still contemplating between a cake or cupcakes for the hantaran. cupcakes are comel and nice je but i think mcm leceh je kena susun2 tu kan, kalo kek sebijik senang je gedebuk letak macam tu kan. tak kisah lah ni kena tanya tuan sponsor. hehe.

ape lagi eh. chocolates. yes yang ni i plan to buy kat klia nanti upon landing that morning tu kan. and ade la few more things yang kena cari kat kl like kain for akad nikah for both me and arif, and the perfume sets. i thought yang ni pun nak beli kat klia je jugak, but then i don't know yang mana arif suka la pulak kan, or else i can ask him to go survey first, then tell me yang mana dia suka kan. tapi i don't think the price will be that much different pun. hari tu dah survey2, ok je kot within the budget lagi hahaha miskin tau niii.

satu lagi, i have yet to announce the date kan, nanti lah. i think most of my close friends dah tau, tinggal sikit2 je lagi, nanti lah. jangan risau nanti aku jemput korang ok?

ok ok enough lah pasal tu, macam segan la pulak. haha rasa macam nak lempang tak?

mari pulang ke pangkal jalan sekarang.

we are 3 weeks away from the finals, ye saya tau saya tau saya patut baca buku sekarang, bukan nye dok berangan. well, it's a part of my multi-tasking skill tau, berangan sambil baca buku. *alasan alasan*

ok lah. jom lah setadi sekarang.

to my juniors, good luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


hi everyone! i just got back from the sony service centre.. and apparently they said that it is a manufacturing problem with this CS-model (like mine).. and if they can verify that my vaio is originally purchased from an authorised dealer, they will get it fixed without charging me a penny. yeay!

and the lady also said that sony has announced in their web about this manufacturing defect, and they will actually fix it for free.

menyusahkan orang je.

Friday, February 12, 2010

woih ko ni apehal aaa

ah siryes ni memang bengang nak mati la kan... if u guys ever remember, last year, when i was freaking out for the final exam, my previous lappy went dead and huru-hara semua benda kan.

so during the holiday in april last year, dearly parents got me a new sony vaio as i insisted for it hehe..

and after only 10 months, look what happened this evening....

weh apsal screen die jadi macam ni wehhhh.. tapi dia sekejap2 je... then dia hilang, pastu muncul balik.. but even when it disappears pun, my screen macam bergegar2.. so now i'm typing with shaking screen which keeps disappearing and reappears. wth la kann..

but thank god dia still dlm warranty means i have to go find where in the freaking world la the sony centre is kan...tapi sumpah annoying nak mampus kot tengok screen macam ni kejap ade kejap takde kang ade yang aku baling dari tingkat empat ni karang.

the thing is, i am not the only one with this problem, neela and one of my classmates own the same vaio model, and apparently all of them have been dealing with the same thingy few months back, and they got it fixed already.

sape sini keje engineer sony ke, ape ke meh aku nak tanya sikit apesal wehhh haaaaaaaa mahal kotttt aku beli laptop ni stakat pakai 10 bulan dah kelam kabut nak kena baiki apehalllllll haaaaaaaaaaaa at least aku pakai compaq hari tu pun dah 3 tahun baru dia buat hal.. eeee dah la mahal kalo aku beli laptop cap lain dah boleh dapat super duper gempak dah kotttttttt eeeeee geram niiii geram niiiiiiiiiii screen ni taknak henti la kan duk gerak2 niiiiiii...

mari kita ban sony beramai2.

pastu, sape2 yang berangan nak beli vaio ke ape ke, baik tak payahhhhhh abis duit korang je macam taikkkkk je.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 years ago!

hahaha this is interesting and worth blogging. believe it or not, this was taken about twelve years ago. yesssss twelve freaking years! haha and yes that was me, and my bestest bestest friend ever, fifie. haha macam samseng tak, amik gamba sambil minum teh o ais tuu.. with sleeves up pulak tu!

hahaha if that is how we looked like when we were 12, so how do we look like now?

like thisssssss...

any difference??? hahahaha

p/s : fie, i know this is embarrassing but i just don't care, this one is really worth keeping lah!

Friday, February 5, 2010

aa penat aaa

penat nak mampuihh la minggu niiii dari hari isnin lagi kot exam tak henti. everydayyyyy yer kawan2. esok ade lagi. 6 hari berturut2 without any mercy la kannnn...

cuba kira kalau setiap hari sy hanya tidur 4 jam, since sunday, dalam minggu ni berapa jam saya tido?

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