Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 years ago!

hahaha this is interesting and worth blogging. believe it or not, this was taken about twelve years ago. yesssss twelve freaking years! haha and yes that was me, and my bestest bestest friend ever, fifie. haha macam samseng tak, amik gamba sambil minum teh o ais tuu.. with sleeves up pulak tu!

hahaha if that is how we looked like when we were 12, so how do we look like now?

like thisssssss...

any difference??? hahahaha

p/s : fie, i know this is embarrassing but i just don't care, this one is really worth keeping lah!


Ms. TaroAthirah said...

fefey comel. inesen gitu :p

ps: hye elida. saya kawan uia fefey. baru kenal beliau like 5 tahun? tak lawan kamu la. :)

ps: i jumped to your blog because fefey posted this link kat fb ;)

Fefey said...

yeah rightt!

well, i never feel embarrassed with the 12-year-old picture ! see how we are attached together,like for how many years,,and we r still together ! look at the funny and notty faces , really worth the ups and downs of our friendship ;))

and most important we still standing side by side..until now (it showed in every picture what?!)

Arif Sayven said...

yeah hidup islah!!

elida hanan. said...

Ms. TaroAthirah - welkam welkam.. if u could actually see the real fifie when she was 12 lagi comelll chubby2 gitu hahahah fie kidding2..

fie- and now i'm missing u!! :(

arif- sibuk la bdk tengku ismail petra niihhhh eh ko budak chabang empat tok mek ngoh hahahah

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