Friday, May 28, 2010

cepatlah pagi, i need an explanation.

hi all.

it's in the middle of the night and i am wide awake. blame the coffee. had half cup of them as i thought i'm gonna need them to get my powerpoint presentation done, but turned out that my presentation was only 5 minutes away to the finishing line. teeheee skarang mata dah terbukak luas takleh nak tido. i even cleaned my toilet just now sebab macam tak tau nak buat ape. thought of vacuuming the room but takut bising la kan tgh2 malam bunyik vacum pulak.

anyway, i have something bothering me.

and i don't know is it okay to pour them out here.


macam mana niii........


ok lempang saya sekarang.

macam mana kalau tiba2 ada orang tak kenal, out of the blue, asking you out?

no, no, no one is asking me out. dah tak laku saya ni.

it's freaking me out to think about it. i know i leave u guys terpinga2 di sini, tapi i dont know how to story mory mehh..

macam ni la... someone of opposite gender is asking you out, and u apparently have nothing in common with her/ him ie. tak sama sekolah, tak sama uni, tak sama sekolah memandu, mutual friend dekat fb ade sorang je pun. and he/ she is claiming that ur face seems familiar to him/her. ayat pancing zaman kuno kotttttt.

and he/she is insisting on meeting u, so that he/she can explain everything better. like what the helllllllllllllll????/

ok. macam tu lah lebih kurang.

sound fishy is it not?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa takuttttttttttttttttttt

what do u think? multi level marketing kah?

atau dia sedang mengorat andakah?

ok nangis sekarang.


nak nangis sekarang jugakkkkkkkkkkk..


ila ni said...

hahahh multi-level mrketing! ada ke... haih~

elida hanan. said...

mcla- that's what i thought. ade kee??

*Idina* said...

hi there! Salam Perkenalan!

Uuuu~ sounds kinda fishy!! Don't go!! (hehe~)

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