Sunday, May 30, 2010


hi all!

few pics during anies' 24th birthday. malas la nak explain panjang2. to cut long story short, we went out with cabs, had lunch in the chillis, then we practically had no ride to go back since all the cabs were fully booked, and suddenly an orange bus stopped in front of us, and we were like, ok jom korang, kite naik bus pergi mg road ok, then from there we'll take la auto ke ape ke. so that was it, our BUS RIDE in INDIA ok. but it was not bad at all, air-conditioned, and mesti lah tak berebut tempat and tak bersempit2. hehe. that explains our willingness to jump on that bus ok.

ok ni takde kaitan. gambar tgh tutup pintu pun nak letak ke?

yours truly, yuliana, and faradilla.

amalina, anies, and neela.

a surprise by the chillis' staffs.

tengoklah muka gembira kami dapat menaiki bas berwarna orenggg.

i definitely have no idea kenapa kami berposing sedemikian.

bas oren pujaan kami.

ok i think that's about it.



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