Saturday, May 15, 2010


hey hey heyyy..

the greatest news of the month,

abah, umi, lil sis and bro will be coming here, next month!!! yeayyyyyy!!!

so can't wait. ahhhh u guys have definitely made my day!!

although they will be here for only 6 days and 5 nights, i think that will be boring enough to just stay in bangalore je, so the plan is insya Allah to spend the weekend in Mumbai. and i just purchased the tickets for 5 of us just now, and they were saaangat murahh. yeay! hehe suke lebih padahal pow credit card orang hehe.

anyway, i should be making the list of food bermula dari sekarang la kannn? banyaknyeeee food nak pesannnn. umi, get readyyyy! yeeahaaaa!

seronot seronott!


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