Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tomorrow is the day!

hi all!

yours truly is now drowning in excitement! parents and adik2 are coming insya Allah tomorrow!

yeayy.. uhhh so can't wait for the 60kgs of food stocks! ahhhhh and definitely gonna force umi to cook laksa for me... weeee~

and also, sooo excited for the coming birthday pressie from daddyyy.. yeayy..

dah dapat nanti saya tayang2 kat sini ok? hehehe... jgn diorg lupa bawak sudeyy..

and owh, we'll be leaving for mumbai on friday!

erm.. i think that's about it.

dear Allah, selamatkanlah perjalanan kedua ibu bapaku dan adik2 ku, serta permudahkanlah segala urusan mereka. Aminnn....


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