Thursday, January 28, 2010

my answers to ur questions.

arif and i had a heart to heart conversation just now.. and he asked me questions, which i swear i have the answers, so many answers, but i just couldn't say it out loud..

will i become a good WIFE to him?

and my answer was only insya Allah.

i know we both have no idea how it is going to be 'di alam rumah tangga' nanti, tapi saya yakin, if we are doing it together, it will be nothing but great. i know it is not going to be easy, but to be a good wife to u i will try my best..

and will i become a good MOTHER to ur children?

insya Allah. it is way too early for me to be talking about this, but i guess if i am about to become ur wife, then it is going to be a part of my responsibilities to u isn't it?

and dear, maybe this is not the answer u were expecting, but i know, deep down inside, u know how i feel about u, about us and about this kan?

sumpah i am not good with words, cakap susah, tulis pun susah.

and now i am staring at the window blankly, with so many thoughts tapi tak boleh nak luahkan.

tu je la kot.

and owh, tak tak, kitorang bukan nye nak kawin lagi, lambat lagi. step by step ok.

tolong jawab tolong jawab.

i'm having my 3rd internals next week. that explains the silence.

just a quickie one, nak tanya ni,

orang bagi ape untuk hantaran kalau nak bertunang?

cepat bagi idea cepat.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

saya sudah dirisik ;)

hey all!

as some of you might already know, saya sudah dirisik!! by arif's family of course. haha macam la ade org lain yg nak pergi merisik lagi.

it was unplanned, as arif's mom thought that since i am here, why not pergi merisik je kan, sekadar nak penuhkan adat bak kata mak dia.

his mom talked to umi on thursday evening telling that they're coming over on the weekend, and since abah was away to jb on friday, they could only come today.

and umi of course la terus semangat naik angin nak masak itu ini, and we finally decided to serve ala high-tea, and the menu was roti jala with kuzi ayam, macaroni goreng and bistik daging and ayam. heaven i tell u!

and the guests were arif's parents, his aunt and uncle. well, i don't know what to say, but honestly, i feel so happy and grateful that our relationship is actually becoming sooo real, not that it is not real before, tapi macam dah betul2 la ntah la tak tau nak cakap macam mana hehe..

and insya Allah, we're getting engaged when i come back this april. let's pray that everything goes smoothly as planned ok?

on a different note, being at home for one week was a blast. everyone has been feeding me so well i think i must have gained at least 1 kg lah balik ni.

and yes we've named the new baby girl in the family Adelia Khaleeda bt Khairul Affan. main dgn baby adalah sgt best!

part yg paling tak best nye is..esok dah sunday, and i am going back to india tomorrow.. :(

ok peeps. tata for now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

of positive and negative.

saya tak suka la dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang hangin niiii. dah la kita tak tau pape, pastu tengok2 dia tengah hangin, taktau hangin kat sape pulak tu.
i don't know about others, but if it's me, bila tengok orang tu tengah hangin, especially someone that is closed to us, then we have no idea what it is about, i tend to question myself, is she/he angry at me? did i do something wrong to her/him? it is bad enough that i have to see the face yang masam mencuka, then i have to wonder to myself pulak tu kan.
tak suka la. boleh tak emo sorang2 je jangan affect others? u know, it's like i was having a good day all along tiba2 dia datang nak emo2 terus ruined ur mood hence ur day.
tak suka tau. like we used to say when i was talking with the girls the other day, it's like ur being surrounded by negativities. which i don't like!

on a different note, takpe2.. ada dua hari lagi nak balik. on saturday i'll be leaving this place yang penuh dengan sifat2 negatif ini dan kembali ke malaysia ke pangkuan orang2 yang positif! yessssssss bai korang baii!

Friday, January 1, 2010

she's a new year baby!

alhamdulillah, my sister kakliz has safely given birth to a baby girl today at 820 p.m.
talked to umi just now, and she is yet to see the baby.
i'll upload the pics here if there is any ok.
sooooo excited to go home! dah lama tak main ngan baby.
welcome to the world, ______ (tak tau nama lagi). cik ida will see u in one week time!

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