Friday, February 25, 2011

cold feet

dah makin dekat ni makin cuak kan..

tapi..coming to think about it... kita nak kahwin ni nak buat benda baik kan, ibadat.. kalau niat tu betul.. insya Allah semuanya diberkati-Nya kan...

i know it's not going to be easy... lepas ni tanggungjawab dah bertambah.. tambah2 lagi given the situation saya tengah belajar lagi kan... tapi u know, when i made the decision to get married, i have weighed all the pros and cons.. not to forget with doa berterusan semoga keputusan yang saya buat ni betul...

i know some of us maybe are not yet ready.. tapi... i don't think it is necessary to express everything out, kadang2 nampak seolah2 u are trying to scare the shit out of me.. u know i'm freaking out, and what i need from a friend is a support, bagi semangat, ketenangan tu... bukannya kata2 yang lagi menakutkan saya..

anyway, it's my two cents. maybe it's the emotion talking. takde tuju kat sapa2.. when u're about to get married nanti, u'll get what i feel..

i think it's the cold feet.. and when u have one, what u really need is a friend to tell u there's nothing to worry about, there's nothing to scare of, that i'm making the right decision..

that's all..

kalau taknak tenangkan saya pun, just stay quiet, be a good listener, it's better. because all the words u're saying are hurting me more than u know..

i'm doing a right thing, i know i am. so, once again, stop scaring the shit out of me..

saya nak balik malaysia. i no longer want to be here at this particular moment..

saya sedih.


ila ni said...

lek Da lekk..
sapo hok menakut2kan psl marriage ni? makin dicepatkan makin bagus bila dh ada calon ni, tak kesah lah still belajar ko, benda baik, inshaAllah akan dipermudahkan Allah. mano tau, berkat nikoh awal, grad as Best Student india? hepp bukan pelajar terbaik berbangsa india neh! :D

elida hanan. said...

hehe thanks mcla! just what i needed to hear... haha harapan laaaaa nak jd best student ni keiii hahaha

IRA said...

there's nothing to worry about!! kite slalu nk kawin awal and i envy u! hehehe kawin means u have someone to care about u all ur life, so, theres really nothing to worry about!

congrats! and selamat prepare anything for ur wedding! heheh

Diana said... akad will insyaAllah be 2 weeks before this point of time i have mixed feeling about this whole marriage thingy..but its normal sbnrnya...all u have to do in be calm n most important thing..remain positive...once the decision has been made..we have to fight to get through those feeling yg x best or ckp2 org yg u're marrying somebody u really2 love kan..insyaAllah lepas kawin..ketenangan akan dtg..most of my friends yg kawin..banyak yg distance marriage...even i'll face the same situation pas kawin (weekend hubby n wife ) pray for the bst :-) marriage life can be wonderful as long as we have good guts about it :-) congrats to u n arif

from : diana (the person that added u on fb n ended up introducing herself to u :-)

eisya layyinan said...

dunt worry much dear..insyaAllah everything gonna be fine..been there n almost finish it..Allah akan sentiasa bersama kita sbb kita buat benda baik.sentiasa tajdidkan niat n minta bantuan darinya..moga bahagia hingga ke syurga..ameen

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