Sunday, May 8, 2011

more and more

assalamualaikum. ecewah. dah kawin ni tulis blog terus bagi salam. hehe

yours truly is now back in india. gotta finish my final 5 months di sini. tak sabaaanye nak habis, tp takut jgk nak final ni.

anywayyyy, leaving hubby in malaysia has been terrible ok. sgt tidak seronok ok lepas kawin syok2 pastu kena tinggal husband and balik india bongok ni. tapi nak buat camane kan, kalau tak balik india ni tak habis la pulak kan belajar ni. lagipun all these 3 years boleh je duk long distance, takkan tak boleh for another 5 months kan?

i've been meaning to write about the wedding, tp asal tulis sikit terus hilang mood. nak upload gambar kat sini pun malas. but i've uploaded a lot in my facebook.

kalau nak tengok just click at these links k.

solemnization night.

hehe malas dah nak upload byk2 kat sini dah la leceh la nak upload gambar kat blog ni.. eh ni bukan gambar from official photographer lagi tau, ni just from random cameras i collected here and there. hehe..

by the way, few people have been asking about my mua, pelamin and photographer. so the pelamin and make up was done by kak jai from jai harharah bridal and the photographer was muein mahadi. just look for them dalam facebook ok. all i can say is saya saaaaaangaaaatt2 puas hati with both of them. really worth the money plus takde la mahal mana. bear in mind saya kan student lagi mane nak cari duit byk2 nak hire yang mahal gedebom tu kan hehe.

i think that's it for now, i'm officially starting my clerkship here tomorrow, will be posted in obstetrics and gynecology for 3 weeks. gotta start preparing now!

till then people!

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