Thursday, November 24, 2011

our lil jr!

hey all. i'm back!

well, remember the previous post when i mentioned that there's another good news to be shared? ehemm ehemmm.

alhamdulillah, yours truly is a mommy-to-be insya Allah.

according to my LMP, i'm in my 14th week now, alhamdulillah, and based on my USG scan done during my first gynae visit pun my gestational age is around that jgk.

so i am through with my first trimester already, that is when i feel much confident to tell others about it. yeahhh i did post some random thoughts and pic about my pregnancy earlier in the facebook but then parents said that it is too early to be telling people about it, so i deleted them. *in case ur wondering hehe* coming to think about it, betul la kan, the early trimester ni is like the most crucial part of ur pregnancy when everything can go wrong here, nauzubillah.

now that i'm getting into the second trimester, i think it is insya Allah ok for me to start telling people about it, right? not that i'm going randomly from one to another pastu cakap eh tau tak aku dah pregnant. ape takde keje ke kan.*memang takde keje pun tapinye* no lah, cuma from now on when people been asking me eh dah pregnant ke? i can proudly say alhamdulillah, yes. mcm tu lah lebih kurang nye.

ok enough with the pendahuluan. punye lah panjang.

how's being pregnant like?

ok, first of all, i was as not lucky as some of u *not that im not bersyukur la kan*, where i first got to know that i am pregnant, hubby was not there with me. to be exact, i found out that i am pregnant the night before my first paper of my finals. so perasaan masa tu macam taktau la nak cakap ape.. more of omaigod cuak gila nak mati esok first paper medicine, and omaigod lagi cuak aku pregnant ni weh. and of course la masa tu tau pregnant only from the urine kit je la kan, tp u know, to get rid of the 5% errors tu, i did 3 tests with different brands of kit la kan and sume pun shows double line. alhamdulillah.

ok, what brings me to do the test?

firstly mesti lah because i was late at that time la kan. but i didnt think that i am really pregnant pun because my cycle has never been regular before. my last cycle was 41 days, so when it was only 42 days of period-free, i takde la rasa konfiden sgt that i am pregnant. buttttttttttt, i have been feeling that my tummy is sooooo buncit, to the point when i was in the library, i have to button off my jeans sbb tak selesa dekat perut. tp rasa jugak eleh entah2 mmg gemuk sbb nak exam kan keje die makan, then dudukkkk je manjang. but thennnnnn... what really drove me to do the test was that i was consuming sooooooo much coffee that time, when it came across my mind, what if i am pregnant? this is not gonna be good for the baby kan. that is when i really decided to test myself.

but at that time, sebab tgh sibuk pasal exam kot, i dont really have time to think about it, so takde la sickness sgt and all, plus i really berdoa kat tuhan mintak sangat2 bagi i kesihatan berpanjangan masa i tgh exam ni, and alhamdulillah, i was granted with good health masa tu, adela vomitting early in the morning few times, but nothing much. and we decided to just do the gynae visit when i'm back in malaysia. so i just prescribed myself with folic acid hihi.

anywayyyy, i was in my 9th week when i came home, still in good health. cuma kadang2 je feel nauseated and muntah once in a blue moon. even the gynae pun macam tak caya ye ke takde muntah2? apparently yes. but i noticed that i get fatigue and tired easily, and the gynae also said that i might be mildly anemic. sampai sekarang pun i still find myself with pallor no wonder la mmg cepat gile penat skarang ni.

so, 9-11th weeks have been ok. masuk je mggu 12 tu i started vomiting like nobody's business. adoyaiii... sampai la sekarang ni. sume pun rasa tak kena. makan tu tak kena, makan ni tak kena. muntah macam air terjun je. no effort needed. nganga je kat toilet bowl tu mencurah2 keluar. tak senonoh i know. even hubby couldn't stand it. haha jangan berangan la nak suruh dia duduk dalam toilet gosok blakang i masa i muntah. i think dia dengar i muntah from outside the toilet pun dia dah nak muntah jugak. erghh. sampai bila la nak duk muntah2 ni pun taktau la. u know when i start to vomit, it will only stop bila air kaler kuning hijau yang pahit (bile) tu yang keluar. meaning that perut i dah completely kosong dah masa tu. tak best ok.
with perut kembung nye. kejap2 masuk angin, kejap2 masuk angin. adoi la. seriously, i heard ade org yg had to go through this sepanjang pregnancy, i mintak jauh la, nauzubillah. cepat la sume ni berakhir. seriously, appreciate ur mom please. what she had to go through during the pregnancy tak semuanya indah ok. especially this part la. hehe. but no, i'm not complaining. ni rezeki Allah, anugerah tuhan kan. syukur sangat2.

i think that's all my preggy rambling. till my next post. taaaa~

btw, doakan saya to have a smooth-sailing pregnancy yeah? mwax!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i graduated!


and i finally got the time, and more importantly got the good internet connection to blog.

okeh. where to begin?


well, alhamdulillah, i have finally finished my 5 years of medical school. alhamdulillah syukur tak terhingga sangat2 sampai sekarang rasa macam tak percaya that i actually made it through, alhamdulillah. kalau dulu masa tgh 2nd or 3rd year tu rasa macam ergh lambat gile la nak habis belajar ni, some more tgk kawan2 masa tu dah start keje and all while we are still struggling dengan bukunye tak habis2. tapi tu la they say kalau dah buat medic ni habis belajar tu bukannye maknanya dah habis belajar betul2 kan, there's a whole world to be learnt pulak masa dah keje nanti kan.

macam fresh je lagi dlm otak the night the results been put up, right after tahu dah lulus, immediately called umi, pastu die jawab fon je terus la excited gile campur sebak sume ade, cakap kat umi, ida dah jadi doctorrrrrrr. and her reply was like, "jadi doctor? dah lulus ke?"... and i was like," ye laaaa dah lulus la kalau tak takde la org ckp org dah jadi doctor" and again umi replied, "ye keeeee? sure ke dah lulus sume subject?" dgn gaya sarcastic siap. duhhhhhh kalo org ade fail mane2 subject takde la org call die ckp dah lulusss... adoiiii.. potong stim gile org tgh excited. and abah kat belakang pulak was like,"ni apsal tahu result tgh2 malam ni?" eh eh bukannye nak bergembira ngn org, byk soal pulak haha.

anyway, i have been back in malaysia for 2 weeks already. been a very successful penanam anggur la kan. taktau la bila org nak panggil induction and all tu kan since byk lg benda2 yg tergendala ni kan. tapi biar lah dulu, nak lepak puas2 dulu, ternak lemak sana sini dulu, bajet2 duit dlm bank dah nak habis tu boleh la nak stat keje hehe.

speaking of being back in malaysia ni, as for the time being, arif and i are renting an apartment in bandar baru bangi. still in the middle of penuhkan barang2 kat rumah la kan skarang ni but alhamdulillah parents and family have been supporting here and there, masing2 sponsor sana sikit sini sikit especially beloved mother so dah makin banyak dah brg kat rumah tu hehe. syiok syiok. thank u motherrrrr. hehe

hurm. what else?

anyway we're going back to kelantan for raya haji this friday insya Allah. and i'll be staying in kb for a while sbb byk wedding to attend, while arif is coming back to kl sorang2. another round of long distance tapi ape la sangat kalau nak compare dgn duk india tu kan plus i'm so excited to balik kampung and makannnnnnn pastu tak jumpa abah lagi since balik ni so macam tak kisah pun nak duk kb lama2 hehehe.. i guess after all i'm still a daddy's girl la kan tak kira dah kawin beranak pinak pun kan.huahuahua.

ok peeps. i think that's all for now. there's still many good news to be shared, tp tunggu lah dulu. in the next entry maybe? taaaaaaa~~

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